No Doubt returns with ‘Push and Shove’

There is “no doubt” that people will “push and shove” to hear Gwen Stefani and crew’s newest album as the band reunites to create some noise in the music world. No Doubt was formed in 1986 when four musicians came together in Anaheim, Calif. to rock the charts with a beautiful lead singer surrounded by three male instrumentalists. The members of the band include: female vocalist Stefani, guitarist and keyboardist Tom Dumont, bassist and keyboardist Tony Kanal and drummer Adrian Young. The band first made its name with their album “Tragic Kingdom,” as Stefani poured her heart out to the world about breaking up with Kanal in one of their greatest hits “Don’t Speak.” Their newest album, “Push and Shove,” is their first piece of work since the band separated.

Their single “Settle Down,” which was the first song released off their newest album, reflects the bands’ previous upbeat songs such as “Hey Baby” and “Hella Good” with a splash of sounds from Stefani’s solo career which produced songs including “Hollaback Girl” and “The Sweet Escape.” Those who were already fans, as well as newcomers, will appreciate No Doubt’s consistent sound because of the modern rock appeal they have instilled in their music. Instead of creating a whole new type of music to keep up with adapting musical times, No Doubt continues to make music similar to what made them famous in the first place while also incorporating modern sounds.

Another aspect of No Doubt that catches audience’s attention is their uniqueness. Stefani does not have the greatest vocal range but she emphasizes her seductive powers to rope in the listeners. The bands’ instrumental talent is extraordinary and complements her voice extremely well. Stefani can jam out with the boys vocally or she can be soft and pouty in her words. The mixture of songs is an important factor in selling albums because variety is more satisfying than repetition of the same types of melody. In the song “Looking Hot” the equality of importance between Stefani as the singer and the instruments of the band is a perfect example. This aspect appeals to those who want to focus on the lyrics and to those who appreciate quality instrumental talent.

The song “One More Summer” is great because it shows off her soft vocal side as she increases her range with a still upbeat flow. Same goes with “Push and Shove” and “Easy.” Stefani is a talented singer and in these types of songs she can convey that very nicely. The harmony created is pleasing to the ear and how the band played with the variance of texture, switching from homophonic to polyphonic, is brilliant. The Caribbean theme in “Sparkle” is another similarity to their past music, as it carries the same Jamaican beat at 2002 hit “Underneath it All.” It is creative, fun and gives it a different feel, one that fans can respect and enjoy.


No Doubt suceeds with “Push and Shove” by using the bands instrumentals and Gwen Stefani’s voice in songs such as “Easy” and “One More Summer”

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