I grew up watching DirecTv channels, so at home I was not affected by the lack of “Thursday Night Football” that most of my friends suffered from each week. Coming to Oswego, however, I quickly felt their pain. It sucked having to find something else to watch knowing that there was a game on. Luckily my pain was felt for just a short time, as it was just announced earlier this week that NFL Network and Time Warner Cable have reached an agreement. This means that Time Warner Cable will now carry NFL Network and, most importantly, the “Thursday Night Football” games that come along with it. This concludes a nine year standoff between the two companies, and definitely will make Time Warner Cable customers happy.

When I found out about the agreement, I had second thoughts about Thursday night games in the first place. They already have an entire Sunday devoted to football every week, and even have Monday night games. But I only had these thoughts until the next Sunday game came on. As a viewer and a huge fan of the NFL, adding an extra day is a dream come true. There is nothing better than watching an NFL game. I guess “Pretty Little Liars” is up there but it does not even compare.

There was talk about how it is dangerous for the players to come off of only three days of rest and play another game, but I don’t really believe that because these guys have been playing games for their entire lives. Cutting a few days of rest from one of their weeks is not going to affect physical beasts like themselves.

Now that Time Warner Cable customers are able to watch Thursday games, you better believe that this is exactly what they are going to do. For years they have been bitter about not getting the games, and have been pretending that they weren’t jealous of DirecTv customers. Now they can stop their whining and watch the games. This agreement is a win-win for everybody. It is a win for the NFL, a win for the fans and even a win for the players. You cannot tell me that players don’t love every time they step on the field. It doesn’t matter what day it is, they love it.

Everybody at Oswego should be looking forward to Thursdays from now on. I definitely will enjoy it…sitting down in the lounge, mouthful of a sub, watching an NFL game. Who doesn’t find that as an amazing Thursday night?

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