IPhone 5 Yay or Nay? *WEB EXCLUSIVE*

If you already own the iPhone 4 or 4S there is really no need to get the 5. Downloading the iOS 6 software already improves your iPhone and makes it almost identical to what the iPhone 5 does. It may be thinner, lighter, have a bigger display screen, uses a Nano SIM card instead of a Micro SIM card, and has an 8-megapixel iSight camera, but are the cameras on all of them not pretty good already? Apple changed the connector port to a completely different design, so you’d need to buy all new accessories for the iPhone 5 if you purchase it, which are some things that might affect your decision.

Samsung’s commercial for the Galaxy S III was a competitive response to mock the iPhone 5. Samsung is taking a big risk mocking Apple considering Samsung lost a major lawsuit this past August to Apple over the design similarities of the Galaxy. They talk about the headphone jack being on the bottom and the connector being all digital, which are not really impressive improvements.

For non-iPhone users with an upgrade, the iPhone 4 8 GB is free right now with Verizon and $99 for AT&T plans. The iPhone 4S 8GB is $99 with both AT&T and Verizon right now, the required data plan is not included in this price. These prices are very reasonable considering how much they each were prior to the iPhone 5 release earlier this month.

It may be a good phone for people with upgrades, but there is no need to go out of your way to buy it if you already have an iPhone 4S. iPhone 4 users may want to upgrade to the iPhone 5 to get Siri, but even Siri is nothing special. Another reason to hold off on the iPhone 5, is that Apple is constantly releasing new iPhones and new software for their devices. Both of us are current iPhone users, so our decision is nay for the iPhone 5.


One thought on “IPhone 5 Yay or Nay? *WEB EXCLUSIVE*

  1. I purchased the 5 and I am coming from a 4s. I didn’t pay out of pocket since I was lucky enough to have somebody pay me a good chunk of change for my 4s. While the change of the charger is tedious and annoying, I don’t regret upgrading to the 5, its faster, looks gorgeous and the screen is amazing. I watch a lot of videos and like to read books on my phone, so the upgrade was a no brainer for me. If you only talk and text and listen to music I’d say wait for the iPhone6z It’ll probably do your homework and give you massages by then 🙂

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