Kreayshawn releases debut album *WEB EXCLUSIVE*

Kreayshawn is best known for her anti-label anthem “Gucci Gucci,” which garnered national attention with its extremely catchy chorus and simple rhyme scheme over a year ago. Within that time frame, the official video, which enlists the fellow “swagged out” members of Odd Future, has racked up over 38 million views on YouTube. The song and video is surely different and artistic in the way Kreayshawn gives off a badass attitude that might resonate with fans of M.I.A., another controversial female British rapper.

Some of her lyrics suggest feminism with lyrics such as “I got the swag and it’s pumping out my ovaries,” but that is all disregarded with tracks like “Twerkin!!!” where she makes a few blatant requests to a stripper. This theme is repeated back-and-forth throughout the album. One minute she is the bad girl in “Left Ey3” comparing herself to the late TLC member Left Eye (who burnt her boyfriend’s house down) and Amy Winehouse. The next minute she is calling everyone else a bitch.

She continues to switch it up with more LMFAO-esque productions like “Blasé Blasé” and “The Ruler.” The electronic/pop-inspired “Go Hard (La. La. La.)” aims for radio play with its Ke$ha-like beat and another very catchy hook – one of the only consistent things on the album. The well-done and trippy music video, with more than 2 million views, is actually head-turning with its drug-induced visuals of giraffes dancing around on comic book panels and Kreayshawn riding around in a tiny car with her sidekick Lil’ Debbie. It also includes a reference to the cult hit Nickelodeon cartoon “Invader Zim,” the trippy video is actually well done.

Videos may be her forte in the scheme of things as she does credit herself as a video producer. She has some interesting artistic concepts that show in the video for “Summertime,” which is stylistically shot like a VHS-home movie. And Kreay’s White Girl Mob group mate V-Nasty, who recently came off from a robbery charge, ruins what could have been a good song with a distorted, way-too-loud performance. The catchy hooks and production continue with a feature from the newly popular 2-Chainz on “Breakfast (Syrup)” which, if you listen to any current rap song, is another reference to the cocktail involving cough syrup.

With the last of the twisted album comes “Love Haus,” a much slower ballad that surprisingly sounds a lot like something from Lady Gaga. As much as you would want to like it, “Somethin ‘Bout Kreay” is way artistically simple and all-over-the-place.


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