Jepsen releases immature, dull album


In September 2011, Carly Rae Jepsen released eventual smash hit, “Call Me Maybe.” After going viral in Canada, the song went from a national hit to a worldwide phenomenon which led Jepsen to release her latest album, “Kiss,” earlier this week. After placing third on Canadian Idol, the sky seemed to be the limit for then 21 year-old Jepsen. Now 26, Jepsen has attempted to turn herself into an established artist. Unfortunately for her, those shoes may be too big for her to fill.

Overall, “Kiss” is a very basic, almost childish album. For a 26 year-old, the songs seem more like something from “High School Musical “or “Hannah Montana” than that of a true, mature, stand-alone success. The album cannot compare to everyone’s guilty pleasure, “Call Me Maybe.” While the CD has a few just-okay songs, it sounds more like something you would use as background music in a roller-skating rink or a middle school dance than a club or party.

In terms of songs, both good and bad, five stuck out: “Curiosity,” “Good Time,” “More Than a Memory,” “Your Heart is a Muscle,” and “Drive.” Originally, I had planned to include a piece about Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” but I think that everyone has come to a concession that, while sometimes annoying, the song is at least very catchy.

In terms of the worst songs on “Kiss,” “Your Heart Is A Muscle” and “More Than A Memory,” are pretty much terrible. “Your Heart is a Muscle,” literally contains only the words of the title as lyrics. It was difficult to listen all the way through, because it repeats the same un-catchy words over and over. The song sounds more like a first grade science sing-a-long than a potential hit.

The second song that I think needs addressing is “More Than a Memory.” The reason I disliked this song so much was because it sounded like a song I would listen to on a Disney movie soundtrack- which would be fine, if that is what it’s intention was. Unfortunately, I really think she was trying to make some soulful, beautiful song, but instead it was like listening to Kidz Bop tackling the “High School Musical Soundtrack.”

In terms of songs that I would actually consider downloading, “Curiosity,” “Drive” and “Good Time (ft. Owl City),” would probably be the top contenders. What I liked about “Curiosity” is that it seemed to have a little bit more substance and depth to it. It seemed like an honest attempt at creating a ballad and, while it was slightly childish, it still was pretty good.

“Good Time” is actually already a hit, an end of summer song with real potential. It made me feel happy in some weird way.

Lastly, there’s “Drive,” which has the best chance of becoming anything close to a hit for Carly Rae Jepsen. It’s poppy, fun, and very much like “Call Me Maybe.”

The CD is all in good clean fun, but for a 26 year-old, she aimed a little too young.

Carly Rae Jepsen stays in her comfort zone in album “Kiss.” Songs like “Your Heart Is A Muscle” and “More Than A Memory” lack depth and meaning

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