Rushing to become a part of something bigger

When junior Laura Mason was asked why she is rushing she said, “free alcohol, free parties.”

That is the stereotypical response when it comes to asking people why they rush. While some people think that rush is about and splatter paint, others see the benefits of rushing and joining a  Greek organization. There is a lot more to it than seeing who has the best toga at a mixer. “Rushing a Greek organization gives you the opportunity to gain bonds through a sisterhood or brotherhood that will last a lifetime,” a sister of Alpha Sigma Chi, Hannah Lee said, “You learn about yourself and are given tons of opportunities to expand your reach both socially and academically, and even within the community. Going Greek is a decision and experience that lasts a lifetime, and it all starts with rush.”

Nick Pinho, a brother of Delta Sigma Phi, said that by rushing and becoming a part of Greek life, “you meet a broader amount of people whom you would never have met otherwise.” Pinho transferred to Oswego State his sophomore year and his decision to go Greek helped him get involved as a new student.

“When you pledge national, you are tied to a more broad spectrum of the Greek community because there are people all around the country that he can call his brothers,” Pinho said.

Anthony Facchini, a brother of Sigma Gamma, delivers that rushing Greek organizations is a “good way to get involved.” He also mentions that there are a lot of great community service outreaches that Greek organizations do in Oswego as well.

Another Delta Sigma Phi brother, Andrew Magnemi, stresses that if you join a national organization not only will it look good on your resume but also it will be recognized all over the country. However, some people do not seek out one or the other.

Greek life is not for everyone. “I think that it’s a good way to get more socially involved on campus it that’s what you’re interested in. It’s not for everyone though,” Katie Weber, the treasurer of club volleyball said. She went on to say that in high school she did think about going Greek, but once she got to college she realized that she “didn’t need to be in a sorority to get involved.”

Sam Carges and Max McCuen, juniors on the tennis team, argue that there are no “positive effects of having [Greek Life] on campus.” There are students not involved in Greek Life who support going Greek.

“It’s probably one of the best ways to jump into the college experience and get the most out of your college years,” said sophomore Matt Luttinger.

Although Greek life is not for everyone, Pinho, Facchini, Magnemi and many others have firmly stated that they do not regret going Greek at all.

Whether you decide to go Greek or not, rushing is a great way to see if you can find a place in which you fit. Being a part of a Greek organization can become a lot more than just the letters that you wear. It is a chance to become a part of something bigger that just a chosen organization; it is a chance to become part of the Greek society

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