Obama, Romney battle heating up

Now that the conventions are over and the nominations are accepted, we can make a comparison of the two candidates. No two contenders could be any more different than Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.

I would like to highlight a few differences between the two.

The differences between their plans for our economy are something that we should focus on because it affects us all.

President Obama not only didn’t keep his promise to fix the economy, but also has failed to produce any type of plan other than to spend more, print more and blame more. Obama has been in office for three and half years and has increased the deficit significantly more than previous presidents.

People offer some arguments in Obama’s defense, bringing up that he inherited the bad economy from President Bush. Instead of cutting spending, Obama has increased the size of the government and expanded many of the existing programs that do nothing to help the American people.

“ObamaCare,” an over-reaching and intrusive program, which happens to be Obama’s brainchild, was passed in March 2010. Though it will not be fully functioning until 2014, Obama treated it as if its passing would be a homerun for his presidency.

“Obamacare” will be a big burden for the middle class by raising taxes for everyone, causing shortages of quality care, creating long waiting lists for specialized care and increasing unemployment. It has already cut Medicare by over $800 billion to pay for other programs.

Obama said that unemployment would not go over eight percent if the stimulus was applied, which proved to be false. Unemployment went up to nine percent compared to the 7.2 percent when he took office. The unemployment rate has dropped to 8.1, but that does not take into account those who are underemployed or just have stopped looking for work.

Mitt Romney has the knowledge and experience needed to fix our economy. Most of Mitt Romney’s experience is in the private sector. In 1984, Romney started an investment company, Bain Capital, which helped launch and rebuild well-known businesses such as Staples, Bright Horizons and The Sports Authority.

Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts from 2002-2007. He took the state, which was in financial difficulty, and brought it back from the brink. He cut spending, balanced the budget and managed to accumulate over two billion in a surplus account. He lowered the unemployment rate from 5.6 percent to 4.7 percent.

Another issue that is important for many of us and on which both candidates approach differently is energy. Obama has every intention of putting into place the “Cap and Trade,” which will simply put restrictions on business, raise taxes and, when all is said and done, will raise prices on goods and services.

Obama has already put moratoriums on drilling and has blocked the Keystone pipeline. He has given a good amount of our tax money to Brazil, so that they can drill in our Gulf and build their economy. When Obama took office in 2009, the nation’s average price per gallon of regular gas was $1.61, according to Consumer Reports. Today, gas is over $4 a gallon and is on the rise.

Obama’s “green jobs” was also a bust. He poured taxpayer money into solar companies such as Solyndra, which took the money and then filed for bankruptcy.

Mitt Romney’s energy plan would open drilling for the use of our natural resources and will build the Keystone Pipeline. This will create jobs, increase economic growth and get us closer to freedom from foreign dependency.

We should consider our liberties and constitutional rights when comparing the two candidates. During Obama’s presidency he dismissed the Constitution and took away many of our rights through executive order. He allowed laws to pass that made it so the government could round up and hold American citizens without due process under the guise of security. Our right to privacy has been stripped away by his extending and adding to the already intrusive Patriot Act.

Finally, there is no comparison of Obama’s character to Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is an upstanding citizen, husband and father. He believes in our great country and will serve the people to the best of his ability.

Obama is nothing more than a narcissist and habitual liar. He spews hypocrisy and hatred toward this country. He has alienated our allies and befriended our enemies. He is not for serving the people. He is a dictator who, if given another four years, will rule as a tyrant.

When Romney asks, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” the answer is obviously no. John Kerry at the DNC, in response, said, “Ask Bin Laden if he is better off now than four years ago.” I am sure that old Osama would give the same answer.


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