Wi-Fi introduced in all but 2 dorms

Over the summer Oswego State installed new wireless Internet access in a majority of the residential buildings on campus. Every academic building on campus and many academic and residential spaces have had wireless access for some time already. With a few exceptions, the residence halls now have full access.

Prior to the beginning of the school year, the only residential buildings that had Wi-Fi access were Hart, Johnson, Rigg and The Village. Starting last spring, Campus Technology Services began installations on most of the remaining halls. Now all of them, with the exception of Funnelle and Onondaga, have operational wireless service. Residents in those two dorms are still using a ResNet Connection.

According to a CTS update last spring, if Funnelle was not equipped fully by the beginning of the school year, the installation process would be continued throughout the fall semester.

“We’re shooting to have it by the end of the semester,” said Allison Thayer, Funnelle Hall Director.

Some students prefer the convenience of wireless routers while others are skeptical about its reliance.

“I’m all about optimum performance and with Wi-Fi, you never get ultimate performance. The other has a faster and better connection anyways,” a sophomore from Funnelle Hall, Rocco Stevens, said.

For the most part, the wireless systems are fully functioning, but some residents in the remaining ResNet halls want the access too.

“I feel a little left out,” said senior Justin Roorda of Onondaga Hall, who at first thought his residence hall was the only one not yet equipped with wireless internet.

According to CTS, Wi-Fi capabilities will be installed in Onondaga Hall during the summer of 2013.

“I believe if we’ve gotten [along] without it this long, people can wait another few months,” Stevens said.

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