Selfishness, making friends key to college experience

After being in college for four years, you would think you would know it all by now and that there is not much left to learn. That is a lie, but personally, I have had a great college experience. There is no guarantee that your college years are going to be magical and the best years of your life, I have found that there are a few tips I can pass on in order to help you be as happy with your college experience as I was.

First off, be selfish. You want a job? Go get it. Want a killer internship? Do not sit there, demand it. You will get nowhere in life by sitting in the back of the room, taking notes and if you never say anything. When I entered college my freshman year, I had no idea what I was doing, what my major was or where I was going. But I joined a club, and quickly rose through the ranks. My second semester I was there, rather than letting someone older fill a position in the e-board, I took it for myself. This was my first public relations position I held, and now I almost have a degree in it! After getting involved, I became a communication major and finished out my associates degree before deciding I needed a better, more focused education. Which lead me to Oswego State.

When I came to Oswego, I heard that there was a chance I might not get a hockey ticket every time. I decided that this would not do, so I picked up a camera, lied through my teeth, and became a photographer for The Oswegonian. It has given me more opportunities and knowledge than I ever imagined, landing me my second public relations position. As the first Promotional Manager for The Oswegonian, I got to experiment with social media and promotions, a fabulous opportunity I would not trade for anything, and won a couple awards for my photography. By being selfish and thinking about what is best for me over the past four years, I have gained invaluable experiences, and memories I cherish.

Second and most importantly, find your place in the world. The people you surround yourself with will shape your life. If you surround yourself with people who are hardworking, serious about what they do and truly care, you will be much better off. Once you find these people, there is a good chance you will find a place you can call your own, a home away from home. Once you find this place, the weight of the world will lift off your shoulders every time you go there, and you will always be welcomed with open arms. I have had my ups and downs in life, had my fair share of mistakes and heartbreaks, but through it all I have always known there is a group behind me, making sure I was okay. I have always been welcome there, and late night talks were a staple. I’m extremely lucky to have found this place at the age of 14. While it is nice if your place is close by, sometimes you need an escape that isn’t home. But no matter when or where you find these people, and this home, this will become the family you choose, and no one can survive without family. Whether these people are in a club, sorority, fraternity, your classes, your dorm, your job, it does not matter, because you will have them forever. For these people, I am thankful beyond words.

So with good friends, and the attitude that you can do anything you want, you can go wherever you want in life. It’s only four years on average, and you are paying a lot of money for this experience, you might as well enjoy these years and get the most out of.

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