Letter to the Editor 4/20/12

Dear Adam Wolfe,


This letter is in regards to your recent article, “New Guide for Gays” in the April 13, 2012 edition of The Oswegonian, as well as a previous article in which you expressed your “baby” ambitions.

As a fellow member of the gay community, I am personally disgusted by these two articles you felt necessary to print in the college’s newspaper. Not only are you fanning the flames of stereotypes that most of us are trying to conquer, but you are also embarrassing yourself and all other gay men.

The school newspaper is a place for news of the school, which should go without saying. You have no right to publish your personal perceptions for the world to see. There are absolutely no journalistic aspects to either of these articles, and again not only are you creating a horrific impression of all gay men, but you are also leaving yourself, and all of us, open to attack.

I hope you will take this letter with an open mind and rethink your current strategy for handling your own gay experience. I have been out since my freshmen year and have never had any ambition to express my feelings in the elaborate manner in which you have. Your feelings and opinions are no different than any other straight man or woman on this campus, and should be treated as such. Again, you need to keep your inner thought processes to yourself and allow people to develop and forge their own opinions and feelings toward the gay community.

The opinions described in these articles should be expressed on a personal blog, or at a Pride Alliance meeting, not in a public forum for news. It is quite clear that such articles would have not even been considered for publication unless you were the “Editor-In-Chief.” Personally, I believe this to be a great misuse of your power and position.

I implore you to please stop publishing such damaging articles for the entire college community to see. You are doing far more damage than good for all gay men.




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