Man charged in theft incidents across Oswego

A 33-year-old man has been arrested allegedly committing a series of crimes since the beginning of March.

Bruce H. Macmillan, of Oswego, was arrested at his mother’s home in Fulton Wednesday after investigations of numerous shoplifting and burglary complaints since March 7.

There was a complaint at Kinney Drugs that someone had stolen an LED TV and an Arizona Iced Tea, with an approximate cost of $140 on March 7. The police were able to obtain video footage and one officer recognized the suspect as Macmillan.

The morning of March 15, employees of Palmer TV reported a burglary that occurred during which television sets and wall mounts were stolen, costing approximately $8,600.

Staples reported a shoplifter stole tablet computers with an approximate value of $1,375 on March 17.

The next day, Walmart reported a person shoplifting and had footage of Macmillan allegedly stealing cell phones from display racks. Walmart officials told police that Macmillan was not allowed on Walmart property after an incident at the Granby Walmart. The aggregate value of the merchandise was about $1,000.

He was charged with burglary and grand larceny (felonies) on Monday for the Palmer TV burglary. After police investigated the rest of the incidents, Macmillan was charged with two counts of petit larceny (misdemeanor), one count of grand larceny (felony) and criminal possession of stolen property (felony).

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  1. People that are doing wrong they will get caught and you thing you are smarter then the our Oswego Police Dept. you are wrong or any other Law Enforcement Dept.

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