Miranda Lambert fights Chris Brown over Twitter

Miranda Lambert is just like you, only prettier and probably a little more badass. For those of you who don’t know who she is, either because you hate country music or because you haven’t watched the news in the last two weeks, let me get you up to speed. Miranda Lambert is a country music star from Texas who is famous for classics such as “Kerosene,” “Heart Like Mine” and “Baggage Claim.” She’s married to Blake Shelton, another country star. Basically, she’s the cutest and most badass woman on the planet.

She’s been in the news lately for voicing her displeasure about Chris Brown’s recent couple of performances at the Grammy Awards, saying that the world seems to have forgotten that he beat Rhianna to a pulp in 2009. Now Brown and Lambert are locked in a Twitter feud. Welcome to 21st century celebrity fighting. Lambert even went so far as to hold up a sign at a concert last weekend, which read “Take Notes Chris Brown.” This was before performing her song “Gunpowder & Lead,” which is about a woman plotting to shoot her abusive lover. Brown retorted by saying that the incident is in the past and that Lambert can “keep hatin” because she’s giving him free publicity.

Watching this situation unfold on my Facebook newsfeed has certainly made for an interesting week. I think having a feud on Twitter is a little childish, but what do I know? I don’t have a twitter, and even if I did no one would care if I were using it to call people out for domestic abuse.

If I had to pick a side, I’d pick Lambert’s because I love her and I’m not down with beating up women, or anyone else for that matter. I don’t think Chris Brown should be punished by being hated forever, but what he did was awful; there’s no other way to put it. I can’t say that when we, as a society, should stop focusing on his past. I don’t think it’s something we should forget about so quickly.

What really scared me was the amount of people who tweeted during the Grammy’s that they’d let Chris Brown hit them any day. Clearly, these people are idiots or they just didn’t see the photos of Rhianna’s face after the beating. In reality, I’m pretty sure that all those people would not want to get beat up like that, regardless of Brown’s fame and talent.

On the other hand, I don’t know if we should prescribe to Lambert’s ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, shoot ‘em’ mantra. Yes it’s a fictional song, and not what she actually does with her spare time, but I don’t like guns. They scare me. The only time I came close to using one was when I was working at my uncle’s jewelry store and we had raccoons in the ceiling. One of my responsibilities was to shoot the raccoons with the 22 rifle next to the toilet if they ever fell through. Thankfully, they never did.

Unfortunately, women are all too often placed in a position where their only options are to either kill their abuser or die themselves. Our society has let these women down. I don’t condone violence, but if authorities couldn’t keep me safe from aggressors, I’d seriously consider fighting back.

It saddens me that this is an issue. Nobody deserves to be beat up by someone else, and we shouldn’t talk about abuse like it’s normal or acceptable behavior. To quote the comedian Bonnie McFarlane, “I even thinks it’s creepy if a guy says ‘I would never hit a girl,’ [because] that should go without saying. That’s like if you ever heard a guy go ‘Uh, I would never crap in a hot tub.’” So friends, my parting message to you is to not accept the status quo on domestic abuse. Demand equality and compassion from your fellow human beings and don’t crap in a hot tub.

3 thoughts on “Miranda Lambert fights Chris Brown over Twitter

  1. I understand that many women are abused but I think Miranda needs to realizethat men are also victims of dometic violence. I know this because my son was killed by his wife of less than 2 years because he was divorcing her.I have done a lot of research on men that are in abusive relationships and the media needs to give it more attention. Just like the video sugarland did if a man did a video showing him fixing to hit a woman or have her tied up in a chair all hell would break lose. So when someone speaks of domestic violence they should mention that men and children are also victims of domestic violence. Sometimes when a man tries to leave a women she is all over him hitting pushing shoving trying to stop him from leaving and he has to take it are being arrested for defending himself. I am sure Miranda will never see this but if she does please remember Domestic violence affects more than women.

    1. shes not saying it just affects women shes upset because of what he did. its sending an awful message that what he did was okay. Rihanna seems to be blind and manipulated…most abusive people are controlling and when you are “in love”. you can’t see whats happening. I’m sorry about your son, and yes not only women but men are abused as well. In this situation Miranda lambert is adressing is what he did to her and that showing them together again is not okay. Media and our society is fucked up.

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