Don’t be left behind by new technology

The advancement of technology is incredibly fast. It sometimes bewilders me. Once you buy an electronic item and walk out of the store, the electronic is already obsolete. Keeping up with the latest trends and fashions is impossible. There are no indications of this pattern slowing down in the near future, so you either have to board the bandwagon or be left in the technological dust.

I recently bought a new computer just last Thanksgiving. It had many great features, and was at a great price. My old computer was starting to die, so I bought this new computer.

A few days after I bought my computer, I saw a commercial on television about a new computer, with even better specifications than the one I had just purchased.

Of course, I had felt that I might have wasted my money by not waiting for the better model that will come out in a few weeks. If I had decided to wait to buy a new computer until the better model had come out, I would have kept waiting and would have never purchased a new computer.

One example of this is the reason that I still have not purchased a tablet computer. I am a man that likes to try out new technology, but I still do not have any form of a tablet computer. The reason for this situation is that I keep seeing advertisements for newer, bigger and better tablets. So, I waited and waited before deciding what kind of tablet that I wanted to purchase. There are always so many choices, and I can never make up my mind before the new models come out. So, I have never bought a tablet.

After reading my story, you may know some device that you want to buy, but are waiting for a better device at a lower price before committing to a purchase. Just to keep you in the loop, as I have said before, you will be disappointed. If you do not jump on some bandwagon at some point, you will never make it to the trail.

If you do jump on a bandwagon, just make sure that you are ready to stick with your choice. You will experience regret from making your purchase as soon as you see the newer model. But do not follow the fan-boy mentality – wait until you need something new before buying it. Do not buy something just because it is new.

Either way, you must be prepared for the rush of new technologies that are constantly coming from device manufacturers. Day after day, the reports of new technologies will come out, and some company’s marketing team will try to sell you its new device, even when you just bought its last model.

My experience may be typical, but your results may vary. I jumped to replace an old device that I needed to replace. However, I am stalling to purchase something that I would really like to have. You might be in the same situation, but be aware that some bandwagons are easier to get on, and others move fairly quickly. I will not tell you what to buy, but I am letting you know that you need to make a choice: buy now, or be left behind.

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