Radcliffe takes on new horror challenge

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“The Woman in Black” will give you goosebumps. It did not live up to expectations, but it did not disappoint. This is a dark film from the beginning to the end. There aren’t any light-hearted funny moments in this film. Every character has witnessed something gruesome in their past, and it all gets brought back up when Arthur goes to do his job. The cinematography is very impressive in portraying just how scary and horrible the events are.

Arthur,(Daniel Radcliffe/”Harry Potter”) is stuck in a tough situation. On one hand he has to take care of his son so he continues to go to his job that no one in the town wants so he can keep a roof over his sons’ head. While on the other hand, he is responsible for the safety of the people in town. If the stories and what he has heard are real then he has been putting everyone in danger. He goes to great lengths to try and make things right. He risks his own life several times to save others’ lives and to reunite a mother with her child. Very dark, terrifying and haunting images of life, death, love, hate, hope and fear are shown through out the film.

Radcliffe does an amazing job with his part. He proves he can succeed without being Harry Potter. He plays a tortured father who is at the end of his rope, and needs to do something to try and save his family. The children in this movie do a great job as well. They were creepy and made it so you will never want to have children of your own. They created a flawless performance.

The cinematography was astounding. Each shot was carefully placed to set just the right amount of ominous atmosphere. It was overall a dark film, but the light that was used was brilliant and really highlighted the story line. The transitions were so smooth it was hard to tell that one took place. Every shot was a work of art.

Overall this was put together well. It ends with the darkest happily ever after that someone could come up with. This is a film to see with friends, but probably not at night or in an old house. It will send chills through you as each secret and piece is exposed, found and put into place. It is a creepy, sad, scary and beautiful film.

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