Halftime show at Super Bowl XLVI

Super Bowl XLVI was a highly anticipated game with the New York Giants playing the New England Patriots in a rematch of Super Bowl XLII. Along with the game itself, viewers look forward to the commercials, celebrity appearances and the half-time show.

This year’s half-time show was a huge performance from the “Queen of Pop, “ Madonna. Madonna, who’s known for her wild and shocking performances and music videos was a show pleaser for this year’s game. The 53-year-old started the performance in a Cleopatra-inspired dress and matching headdress along with her backup dancers who looked like Egyptian warriors. She started out singing her classic song ,“Vogue,” while photos of Vogue Magazine covers flashed on screens around her.

She then went into the song “Music,” with the addition of hip-hop styled dancing and colored lights. While singing “Music” she went over to a section of the stage where the band LMFAO was present and they all started singing LMFAO’s hit song “Party Rock Anthem.” The stage changed again to what looked like a bunch of Egyptian cheerleaders and among them was Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.; all three of the performers sang Madonna’s newest single “Gimme All Your Luvin’” until a marching band came out onto the stage. Leading this marching band was Cee-Lo Green joining Madonna in song.

The final song of the show was Madonna’s “Like a Prayer,” which was backed by an immense choir. As the song came to a finish, Madonna disappeared in a cloud of smoke and the phrase “world peace” glittered in lights for everyone to read.

The performance was well rehearsed and exciting to watch, but wasn’t the NFL taking a big risk when they decided to have Madonna as their performer for the show? After the whole Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction debacle of Super Bowl XXXVIII, one would think the NFL would be a lot more cautious with their decisions. Madonna is known for her shocking and fearless performances and ideas, but with this performance she nailed everything and the crowd was pleased with her.

Everyone wasn’t pleased with M.I.A’s stunt during the performance though. The singer and rapper flipped the NFL cameras the middle finger and used obscene language during her performance, which was later brought to the NFL’s attention. They are now suffering from those that were offended.

Not everyone can be 100 percent pleased with a performance and it’s tricky choosing a performer who can appeal to the majority of the people viewing the game. This year’s performance was successful with a few minor incidents, but that’s how it goes in the music industry; not everyone is going to be happy.

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  1. Somehow, Madonna’s performance at the Superbowl kept everyone at my Superbowl BBQ party watching from start to finish. She did entertain all of us for those 12 – or 13 min minutes. I thought she was not the right Performer for this kind of event, but I guess I was wrong.

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