Five students arrested in drug bust

Thomas von Braunsberg
Thomas VonBraunsberg

After an investigation into two fraternity chapters associated with Oswego State, the city of Oswego Police Department’s Anti-Crime Team arrested five students for the alleged sale and trafficking of illegal drugs.

On Oct. 28, a search warrant was executed at Delta Kappa Kappa, located at 86 Sheldon Ave.; Sigma Tau Chi was also under investigation, police said in a statement.

As a result of the investigation conducted by several divisions of the Oswego City Police cooperating with University Police and Border Patrol, $1,538 in cash, .5 ounces of powdered cocaine and .5 ounces of marijuana were seized, police said in a statement. Five students were also arrested in December.

Zachary Nielander

Zachary Nielander, 22, of 22 West Eighth St., Apt. B5, was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third degree (felony) and was remanded to the Oswego County Correctional Facility.

Griffin Dault, 22, of 1 Lakeview Ave. upper apartment was charged with conspiracy in the second degree (felony) and is scheduled to appear on Jan. 5.

Nielander and Dault were allegedly trafficking and/or conspiring to traffic half a kilogram of powdered cocaine from Rochester to Oswego, police said in a statement.


Griffin Dault

Also charged was Thomas VonBraunsberg, 20, of 86 Sheldon Ave., with the unlawful possession of marijuana (violation) and possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree (misdemeanor). He is scheduled to appear in city court on Feb. 16.

James Salvato, 26, and Kyle McGrath, 21, of 86 Sheldon Ave. were each charged with unlawful possession of marijuana (violation). They are scheduled to appear on Feb. 16.

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23 thoughts on “Five students arrested in drug bust

    1. You think frat are stupid & pointless, I think you’re ignorant. There are a bunch of non-greek students on this campus who sell drugs, & I bet you know a few of them. Let’s not jump up & blame all the drugs in Oswego on greek life because these few boys got caught up.

  1. I think that this article is wrong, no one was arrested from the raid, these are two separate accounts and the paper along with the city police brought them together because there in the same organization.

  2. Drug experimentation is happening all over the world, not just kids in fraternities. Making derogatory statements about a general group of people is ignorant and symbolizes your lack of life experience. Sounds like the facts were not verified in this story and if that is the case, this is very sad day in journalism

    1. “Drug experimentation”?? it’s half a kilogram!!!

      “Making derogatory statements about a general group of people”

      paradigms exist for a reason most of the time they’re right
      this is one of those times

      1. Honestly Timmy, your asummptions are inaccurate. Greek organizations serve their members collegiate experiences other students do not get such as social networking, career connections, leadership skills, as well as an extensive amount of community service. You cannot generalize a population of over 600 students based on the poor judgement of a few individuals. Furthermore, you do not know the circumstances these individuals are in, especially since most of the reports are inaccurate. These are good boys who went down the wrong path, and lessons are being learned. You can not judge an organization based on an individual, nor the indivdual when you do not know them. You first need to gather the correct data before you start making false statements. Honestly, we can start chategorizing every type of group, organization, culture, subculture, and so forth and point out their flaws. But why waste your time?

  3. I think its hilarious that people (who obviously are not in organizations) say things like “frats are stupid..blahblahblah”….there are tons of drug dealers all over the world who are not in fraternities…STOP STEREOTYPING.

  4. This is ridiculous. Just because they’re in a fraternity does not mean this article needs to focus on that and only that. People deal drugs everyday in Oswego in organizations and not in any organizations. This article is on facebook too and to have their organization name and addresses in it too? One more thing Oswego is letting you assholes do to push us off campus. We don’t do anything to you so keep to yourselves and keep writing about stupid pointless things going on in oswego and keep your nose out of greek life’s business. You are in no place to be printing such personal things about these guys. Leave this information in the hands of it’s rightful owners and let them print if need be (which they WONT). I know that everyone on the Oswegonian, has taken a journalism class at one point or another, and one of the things they teach us is that slander is illegal. Good luck when further action is taken.

    1. And, there have been so many other students that have been arrested for the same thing, yet their pictures are not all over the internet, humiliating them. Stop targeting greeks.

  5. I smell a defamation lawsuit in the making because just because he is in a fraternity does not mean he is active. That’s like taking someone who was arrested in ODK and posting those letters all over the news saying that everyone in that honors fraternity does drugs. I would be careful on what you write articles on. There are big donations and thousands of greek alumni from this school.

  6. You people are all ignorant if you truly believe you are not more likely to do or sell drugs if you are in a fraternity. I had friends throughout my years at Oswego who involved themselves in fraternities. They developed drug problems and drinking problems well beyond the normal college student. The normal college student will go out and drink and have a good time but they take it to another level. If the shoe fits wear it! I have been to many of the frat houses in Oswego and at everyone of them, I was offered some sort of drug, and no I did not take them. You are all ignorant and slow if you think frats are getting a bad wrap here. DOT DOT DOT THEY DESERVE IT!!!

    1. I’m in a sorority does that mean I do drugs? UM NO, because I don’t. I’m a good student and involved in school, you’re putting a bad name to greek life. If I were arrested I sure as hell wouldn’t want my name in the paper, that is straight up slander. AND, I don’t see one quote from ANYONE throughout this entire article. The paper is a joke. I like how everyone sits here on their high horse, but truth is, greek life is not the only who is involved in drugs. I was at a party last week and a kid dropped acid and you know what’s funny, he WASN’T IN A FRATERNITY, and, he brought it to the party himself. Why do frats deserve it? Truth is, most people writing on here don’t understand greek life which is why they feel frats deserve it. Brotherhood/Sisterhood is a lot more than partying. APO is a community service fraternity for gods sake. They’re in greek life and it doesn’t look like they’re sitting get wasted everyday. The person who wrote this is putting a bad name for journalists every where. Wanna know why journalists are losing their credibility, this is article is why.

      1. Umm no that is not SLANDER, if the media wasn’t allowed to report on people getting arrested there wouldn’t be any news. No one said anything about Sororities but now I will. So you are in a sorority huh? So you are either overweight, a slut or an overweight slut. That’s that. Once again you mention the word slander. So I took it upon myself to pick up a dictionary and give you the definition so maybe you will understand what the word means.

        Definition “slan·der (slndr)
        1. Law Oral communication of false statements injurious to a person’s reputation.
        2. A false and malicious statement or report about someone.”

        Are these statements false? Did these students not get arrested for cocaine possession and intent to distribute? I think you may need to quit “repping” your sorority so hard and hit the books. Reporters have the right to do research and report what their (there or they’re as you would likely spell it) findings are. These aren’t false statements and if anyone is being slanderous it is you by making misrepresentations on a decent journalist. Dot dot dot, go binge on a couple plates of “Za” (pizza) and do some coke with your frat/sorority brothers and sisters. You are an idiot if you truly believe the garbage you are spouting. Have a nice day!

        1. First of all. You are just about the rudest and ignorant person I have ever met. Please don’t talk about something you clearly have no idea about. Are you really trying to say that every sorority girl is overweight and a slut? If you think that of every girl in every sorority, then I guess I could say that every person not in a Greek organization is a socially awkward loser. But here’s the thing… I’m not going to say that. And you know why? Because I don’t make generalizations about people I don’t know. I am in a Greek organization, I am not overweight, I am not a slut, and guess what? I have friends outside of Greek who are amazing people. I honestly feel bad that you have this idea of Greek life because it is not what you think. Honestly, next semester I hope you make it a priority to meet people in Greek to prove you wrong and step out of the discriminating bubble you have placed yourself in. Please open your eyes and stop being so ignorant. Have a great day and stop being so bitterly naive.

          1. Well from my experience, I have found the easiest girl’s tend to group together (i.e. sororities) and tend to sleep with the same guys their friend slept with the night before (i.e. my group of friends and I) Also, majority of them are either overweight or coked-out skinny with bug eyes (ELM JUNIOR SEAU). This is not a generalization, this is fact from direct observation of four years at SUNY Oswego. If your eyes stick out farther than your stomach or your stomach sticks out farther than your shoes you are very likely in a Sorority and have hairy Robin Williams arms.

        2. Actually neither of these students are actives in either fraternity. Therefore your article is incorrect and is humiliating both fraternities for no reason.

  7. How is the paper a joke? It’s just reporting what these guys did and their information.

    ” If I were arrested I sure as hell wouldn’t want my name in the paper, that is straight up slander.”

    How is putting the names of these guys, who committed these felonies, slander? They’re all adults, not teenagers…their names can be released to the public, and they were caught committing the crimes, so I don’t see any slander involved. And this article doesn’t put down “Greek Life,” it’s simply stating the fraternities that these guys were from. Maybe the facts aren’t right, I don’t know, but don’t put down the paper for reporting the facts that they were given. The whole “Greek Life” argument happened over comments.

  8. Getting back to my point. I am not the ignorant one, the people on this comment board that continue to defend the fraternities/ sororities simply because they are in one have no idea what they are talking about. You are sheltered and blinded by the paddlings and eating of Crisco and sleeping with multiple gross Frat guys that look like down syndrome hammerhead sharks. No offense to either down syndrome or hammerhead sharks but when you mix the two together it isn’t pretty. Take off your blinders and understand there is a world outside of Greek life (what a disgrace to actual Greek humans by the way) filled with people getting arrested and therefore proving my original point that it is not slander to put true information into the news, dot dot dot that’s what news is.

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