Letter to the Editor – 11/18/2011

As a graduate of Syracuse University’s S.I. School of Communication (magazine journalism, class of 1981), I was struck by the incomplete and somewhat slack reporting by Timothy James.

Fact checking, and clarification of facts is essential in the field of journalism. The tuition at Oswego State is the same tuition as all the other 12 University Colleges and University Centers SUNY (currently $5,270 per year). The tuition is not set by the campus; however, the student fees are.

Oswego State sets room and board and fees. Oswego State does not offer “tuition deals,” as was insinuated in the article. The article failed to note that Oswego State freezes the room and board for each year a student is on campus.

Also more research should have been delved into in respect to the possible reasons why the Oswego State debt rate is what it is:

1. Is it perhaps because 80 percent of students at Oswego receive some form of financial aid, and of those who do, is there a significant number who are receiving maximum aid?

2. Is the debt rate related to perhaps some students taking more time to graduate for some reason or another? Personal or family issues? Educational goals?

3. How much loan debt did a transfer student, for example, have prior to enrollment at Oswego State?

I could go further but will stop here. Namely, I was disappointed in the article because to just report a fact with inaccurate or incomplete information is a disservice to your readers.

– Liz Bridges, Admissions

One thought on “Letter to the Editor – 11/18/2011

  1. No one cares where you went to school, Liz – it comes off as elitist and self promoting, which cheapens the valid points you make regarding Mr. James article.

    If this was to be a teaching moment, perhaps a slightly less aggressive tone with suggestions as to where Mr. James could find the facts would be more helpful.

    Anyone knowing first hand facts – regardless of their educational background – could have pointed out the shortcomings in the article. Perhaps you should have led with your credentials and position in the SUNY Oswego admissions office, rather than haling from the second best Commucations school in upstate NY.

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