Students receive internship advice

Lauren Berger
Photo by Jessica Bagdovitz | The Oswegonian

Lauren Berger, the “Intern Queen,” spoke to Oswego State students Monday to give them advice on searching for internships for job experience.

Berger explained to over 120 attendees that she had 15 internships in her undergraduate career. Berger’s mother heavily influenced Berger’s success with internships.

“Lauren, you gotta get an internship, all the kids have internships,” Berger said, imitating her mother.

One summer, Berger juggled three internships with MTV, Fox and NBC in Los Angeles, CA. Berger’s internship experience even gave her the opportunity to fly to Barbados to investigate an argument between a celebrity couple.

One key point Berger shared was that students should be prepared for rejections. Internships are highly competitive, and if a student only applies to one internship, they’re chances of getting it are minimal. Berger suggested applying for five to 10 at a time.

Berger also stressed the use of the career centers. Oswego State’s career services center is in the Compass, located in Campus Center 145. Utilizing their resources, such as mock interviews and resume critiquing, can help students land internships.

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  1. Fifteen internships is very impressive. This lady obviously has a good idea of how to impress. Interns with energy, passion for what they are learning and the ability to demonstrate responsibility will be lucky to get interesting opportunities in the internship. Learning to deal with rejections is essential and a key skill in life if you want to be successful. Don’t take it personally, learn from the exprience and move on! Rachael,

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