Celebrity idealism

Teen pop sensations, purity rings and baby-mama drama are running rampant in current popular culture. People are more concerned with Snooki getting smushed than knowing the works of Hemingway. They are more intrigued by Justin Bieber’s vow of celibacy than reading “The Scarlet Letter.” But, alas, Mariah Yeaster is here to expose Bieber’s lie and drag his squeaky-clean rep through the muck with her cries of, “He’s the baby daddy!” While Bieber adamantly denies the allegations, Yeaster is positive he is the father; she’s as sure about that as she is that the sun will rise. She was also positive her dreamy ex-boyfriend was the father and that her steamy lover was the daddy. But our Justin, a father? That’s not possible, he’s such a good boy! Disney stars and teen pop sensations alike are whole-heartedly chaste and innocent, correct? Wrong.

History has proven time and again that all celebs—even the ones from the Disney channel—are eventually consumed by fame. So, why do we make such a scandal out of it? Miley Cyrus shows a little skin and the world shudders. Justin Bieber grabs his junk on live television and the world is in shock. I personally applaud Justin Bieber for getting down and dirty. Let’s face it: if he doesn’t get some at the peak of his fame, how’s he going to get any once puberty hits and he can’t sing anymore? Don’t get me wrong, I feel for Selena Gomez, but hey, he has to get his kicks somehow.

Why don’t we all just let the kid live his life? Whether he is the father of Yeaster’s baby is Bieber’s own problem. If Cyrus wants to flaunt it, carpe diem! If Kim wants to end her marriage before her iPhone battery runs out, then more power to her. Now, if your best friend decides to shave her hair off and join a cult, then maybe you have cause for concern. If you’re really yearning for some scandal, pick up a copy of Orwell’s “1984.”

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