Action Comics #2 review

Action Comics #2
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It is very hard to top something that was as successful as “Action Comics #1.” The issue was the second best selling issue for September and has gone into its second reprint. But writer Grant Morrison and artist Rags Morales defy the odds with Action Comics #2, which is just as fun as the first issue while adding some new elements.


Continuing from where the first issue left off, Superman has been captured by the military with the help of Lex Luthor and is becoming the subject of experimentation. Right from the start Luthor hates Superman and constantly refers to Superman as an “It” because he knows that Superman is not human. Luthor’s arrogance and deceptive nature is one of the best parts of the issue and makes him one of the best comic book villains. However, Morrison takes a different approach with Luthor.


The reason that the military is so interested in Superman is because they, along with Luthor suspect him of being an alien spy who is able to change his appearance to fit with the rest of humanity. Luthor’s arrogance makes it seems like he knows everything but the truth is that he along with the military knows nothing and doesn’t have a clue what they are doing. This idea is funny and definitely an interesting position to put Luthor in.


Another one of the issue’s best moments is when Superman breaks free from his prison at the base and gets Lex Luthor in a headlock and threatens to snap his neck if he does not tell him where his cape is! There have only seen a few times where Superman openly threatened someone and the first time threatening Luthor.


In this issue we also get to see a couple more supporting characters besides Lois Lane and Lex Luthor. We get a glimpse of John Henry Irons, a scientist at the base where Superman is being held. Before the reboot, Irons became the superhero Steel after Superman was “killed” by Doomsday. We also get a look at John Corben who before the reboot was the villain, Metallo. It will also be interesting to see what Morrison will do with these characters given their backstory and what they have done before the reboot.


The only thing wrong with this issue is that it felt too short; with a lot going on, it to end too quick. Part of that maybe because they have sketches from Action Comics #1 in the issue. It is unknown why they did not put it in Action Comics #1 but this is a very minor flaw and is easily glanced over.


This series has breathed new life into Superman and made him exciting and fun again which is something that many fans have been waiting to see for a long time. Out of all of the new titles that DC has produced under “New 52” I think that this so far has been one of the best read.


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