Letter to the Editor – 9/30/11


Having read your article in the Oswegonian about the death penalty and how it was nothing short of murder and how we should all stand against it I had to answer.

I don’t know what your Religious affiliation is if any but I would hope that you believe in God and that he sent his Son to this earth to die on the cross for our sins?

And that he also Created the Earth and all that is in it. ( me and you)

The same God that did all of that knew that there would be men ( bad men) that would need to be put to death for the betterment of society.

So he so fit to put into effect a death penalty to take care of these men. ( male and female).

The question I have for you do we( mankind) know more or better than God our creator?

I will give you some bible verses please look them up and see the truth about the death penalty then it may be that when you and others can see the truth of the matter we can quit having men spend 20 years or more on death row and spending more money on places to house these men:

Genesis 9:6,Exodus 2:15, 21:14, 21:29, 22:20,35:2, Leviticus 20:2. 20:10, 20:15 24:21 Numbers 35:17, 35:21, 35:31, Deuteronomy 13:9.

1 Kings 2:6, Matthew 15:4, Revelations 13:10 Matthew I don’t want to exhaust you there are more than this.

Please look at them and consider them and may God help you to see the truth.

In Christian love and the hope that people will turn back to God Word for guidance,

Clyde Woods


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  1. Well, since you asked, I am a committed Atheist, as well as the founder and President of the SUNY Oswego Secular Student Alliance.

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