For freshmen, newfound freedom comes with great responsibility

For most incoming freshmen, the first few weeks at college can be incredibly daunting. Instead of being told where to go and what to do with one’s free time, it is one’s own decisions as to what to do with his/her life, which some people can handle better than others.

On top of finding the right balance between work and play, many freshmen forget how vital it is to take care of themselves in the first year of being away at school. The “Freshman 15”, the typical 15-pound weight gain first-year students tend to gain, is something that can inspire people to be healthy.

Easily the most tempting aspect of college that first year students tend to fall every weekend is partying. The fun of dressing up, going out and having a good time, typically with alcohol involved, is hard for many to resist after a hard week, or even a difficult Monday, of classes. Keep in mind that underage and binge drinking in general is nothing to be condoned or promoted.

New surroundings, new people and a new atmosphere have tendencies to come as such a shock to freshmen that finding time to work, sleep, study and party becomes a challenge. What freshmen make their priorities is certainly up to them, but here are some tips to being a successful and healthy student during the first year at school.

Get sleep- It is amazing what a full eight hours of rest can do.

Eat healthy- While the dining hall treats are O.K. every once in a while, binging on snacks or fried food will just lead to an unhappy weight gain.

Exercise- Try to set aside 30 minutes a day to get some sort of physical activity. There have two gyms here on campus (Cooper and Glimmerglass) and excellent classes. Studies have shown exercise leads to more energy and overall better health.

Go To Class- One probably recognizes this statement from Orientation.

Study- It is up to you how and for how long one studies, but the point of college is, in fact, to learn.

Write things down- Keep a planner or calendar to keep track of dates, times or work that needs to get done. Being forgetful will only lead to an increased level of stress.

Have fun- Find time in your schedule for parties, clubs or events. If you don’t go out and meet new people or find fun things to do, your first year of school won’t be as fun as it could be.

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