Hit-leader Buniak making waves


"Finding a freshman outfielder that has made as big of an impact in the SUNYAC is not an easy task unless you look at Oswego State’s outfielder Scott Buniak.

"Prior to the season he was not even planning on starting, but instead looking to just contribute and help the team out in certain situations to help the team win. He has overcome that and has continued to blossom as a player with a bright future into his Oswego State career.

"Buniak has started all 29 games this season and has piled up 35 hits, which is tied for the team lead, six doubles, which is second on the team, a team-high in triples with three and RBIs with 21. His .324 average ranks third for players appearing in over 15 games and second for players appearing in or playing over 25 games.

""I came in hoping to get in for games and be a team player," Buniak said. "I just put hard work and determination into starting. You have to earn it and gain respect of your teammates and coach."

"That is just what Buniak did and has continued to do for the Lakers. One of his biggest adjustments he has made from the high school level to the college level is his in-game preparation during an at-bat.

""You have to know what you’re going to do on the next pitch," Buniak said. "I didn’t think of that until I got into the situations this year."

""It’s definitely been a roller coaster ride," Buniak said. "I came in with good background knowledge."

"When one gets to the college level new aspects of the game develop that helps a team win games, like seeing new pitches in new pitch counts or having to adjust quicker from an off-speed pitch to a fastball.

""There’s a lot more variations in pitchers way," Buniak said. "The way they (pitchers) pitch you mentality."

"During the past year, Buniak has recorded every at-bat of his and will spend the off-season getting ready for his sophomore season.

""I’m going to look back and take notes," Buniak said. "See what pitches the guys threw and what the count was."

"The Lakers will be losing only three seniors and next year’s team will have experience under their belt. With that formula it could equal a winning season for the Lakers.

""We have to set goals game by game," Buniak said. "We have the tools and talent to win games next year and be a winning ball club. We just have to apply the little things like base running and small ball will always help."

"Buniak knows that hitting for power in college baseball is a rarity and with that in mind wants to continue doing what he does best: moving the base runners over in front of him.

""You have to go up there thinking how can you win the game," Buniak said. "Not with home runs, but base hits. You have to help the team win with small ball."

"Throughout Buniak’s freshman season the veteran players have helped him out with guidance on the SUNYAC and the competition level in the game.

""One thing I know I don’t have the state of mind as the other guys who’ve been around the SUNYAC," he said. "I don’t know the pitchers. It’s been an honor to look up to those guys. I’ve learned more from them than playing in the games."

"Buniak has the talent and the dedication to succeed at the college level. He has all ready proven that by being a top offensive force as a freshman.

"Now it is his turn to keep improving in the next three years and build off of it.

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