Some see gains in S.A. budget

"The proposed Student Association budget gives big increases to organizations while slashing its executive, finance, court and Student Association Programming Board [SAPB] budgets. This was the first year that Tier II and Tier III organization budgets were deliberated at the same time.

""The change and relocation of the Tier II budget process created some extra work, but made the process much more efficient and streamlined," emeritus S.A. President Steven DiMarzo said in an email.

"Notable increases were seen for the African Student Organization, Crew Club, WTOP, Caribbean Student Association (CSA) and Men’s Rugby Club.

""In general, for the budget as a whole, Budget Council tried to give the organizations what they requested," Finance Committee Chairman Kris Brandow said.

"Crew Club’s budget jumped from $13,776.05 to $24,091.83. The increase was needed for maintenance to current equipment, a new boat and storage.

""There have been many repairs on the boats that need to be done that haven’t been done over the years and those have kind of compounded so they need the extra funding to make sure their boats are in good and working condition," Brandow said. "They’re buying a new boat for the women because they currently have an older one that’s kind of beaten up."

"CSA’s budget for their Backyard Jam went from $5,517 to $12,000.

""This year, budget council decided that since SAPB was being cut back some that CSA would be given an additional fund that they needed for the event that they used to do with SAPB for May Day," Brandow said.

"SAPB’s budget lost more than $100,000, as their budget dropped from $298,700 this year to $194,180.00 for the upcoming year. A good portion of the cut came from the lecture account, which Brandow said is under attended by the student body.

"One of the most notable changes in the budget is the decrease of account 6502, the Organizational Contingency Fund. For this academic year, the account held $48,187.95, while for the coming year it will be set at $5,000. DiMarzo said the Senate passed a resolution this semester reducing 6502 because it was not being used by organizations in a way they saw fit. The purpose of the account is for emergency purposes, a role that it has not had in the past year.

""Organizations wishing to receive money from the contingency account will still be allowed to apply for funding, but it will be distributed on a much stricter basis," DiMarzo said. "Tier II and Tier III organizations have been allocated a budget and they should be able to work within the budgets they have been allocated."

"The Student Association Volunteer Ambulance Corps. (SAVAC), whose budget was raised significantly this year to pay for the purchase of a new ambulance, received a small reduction.

""As far as SAVAC is concerned, the budget council evaluated the requests made by the executive board and made decisions based on prior spending and the need for specific equipment," DiMarzo said. "This is why there was not a large decrease in SAVAC’s budget."

"The SA Senate will vote to pass the budget on Tuesday, April 19.


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