Cayuga, Seneca halls to receive wireless Internet this summer

Campus Technology plans to update three resident halls with wireless Internet access this summer; currently, three residence halls on campus have wireless internet. As the residence halls are remodeled, CTS will install new wireless infrastructures.

The plan is to start with Cayuga Hall, said Joseph Moreau, chief technology officer of CTS. "It will probably be a three-summer project to do the other residence halls on campus."

Scales, Waterbury and Funnelle halls are all scheduled to be fully remodeled.

"After that, the plan is not fully hashed out," Moreau said. "With all those halls—as they receive full-blown remodels, we will update the wireless infrastructure."

Two or three more residence halls will be remodeled and updated fully with wireless internet in the summer of 2012.

"We’ll have wireless in specific locations, such as lounges and game rooms…in the meantime" Moreau said.

According to Moreau, the rest of the residence halls should have wireless infrastructures by 2013. "The big challenge that we have is wireless access points need to connect to a wire at some time," Moreau said.

Moreau said he had to prioritize where students, faculty and staff gather: classrooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms. He is confident the faculty and staff want to bring handheld devices that require wireless Internet access, like iPads, smart phones and comupter tablets.

"We want the network to be available to a greater diversity of devices," Moreau said.

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