McDonald wins S.A. presidency

"Jon McDonald defeated juniors Michael Colucci and John Hughes in the run for the presidency to win Student Association the election. Nathan Hemmes, who ran unopposed for vice president, was also elected.

"Over 1,200 students voted in the Student Association election on March 7 and 8, breaking last year’s voter turnout of 796.

""I believe the election this year was very successful," said S.A. President Steven DiMarzo in an e-mail. "There were no major upsets or issues. I am proud to see so many students take the opportunity to choose their next representatives."

"McDonald said the high turnout is a sign of greater things to come for S.A.

""In a school that some have written off as having apathetic students, we just had the highest voter turnout for our Student Association election in the history of our organization," McDonald said in an e-mail.

""I believe the voter turn-out is an inkling of what is to come for Student Association in the future, a more engaged and mobilized student body, and that is what SA is working for and seemingly taking the correct steps towards."

""The process was very smooth. We received zero phone calls or e-mails from any student stating they were unable to log in to vote," said former S.A. Elections Chair Devon Finnegan in an e-mail.

"Hemmes, who ran unopposed for vice president, was also elected. McDonald is currently in the process of selecting his executive board, which he hopes to get approved by senate before the semester concludes.

""I believe in the students here and I know they will hold me personally accountable as their voice to the administration," McDonald said. "There will be issues addressed that Student Association will only be able to push forward with a mobilized effort from the student body."

"To improve voter turnout for next year, Finnegan said that S.A. should utilize sources such as Twitter, Facebook and digital signage for advertising.

""The election committee worked very hard this year and if this hard work continues I have no doubt the numbers next year will be even bigger," Finnegan said.


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