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Homefront game

"Imagine a world where America is no longer a super power, and is occupied by another country. This chilling vision is where publisher THQ and developer Kaos Studios brings players in their new game, "Homefront." At the start of the campaign, it shows the player how the world came to be this way. A fuel shortage cripples America, creating tension and unrest. While this occurs, new leadership leads to a re-unification of Korea, expanding their control and making them a new super power on the world stage. This inevitably leads to an invasion and occupation of American soil. Players are quickly brought up to speed with how bad things have become in the introductory level where the main character Robert Jacobs, a former marine pilot, is captured and sent to a re-education facility for not accepting his draft into the Greater Korean Republic army. Looking around the scenery shows the horrors of what an occupational force has brought, enslaving most, and killing all who resist. On your trip, Jacobs is broken free from his captors by the Resistance, a militia hell-bent on freeing America. Working with the Resistance, the player helps to break out of the city, and fight their way to help the American army and other Resistance fighters take back San Francisco, where the invasion first began.

"Besides the campaign, "Homefront" also has a multiplayer mode. Multiplayer games are large-scale vehicle based battles with up to 32 players in one match at a time. The multiplayer also brings an in-game point system, which allows players to earn points to get upgrades for their weapons or rewards in matches. As of right now, there are few maps and game modes, which can make it boring for players who prefer variety. More maps and modes have been planned for future updates, but so far there has been no date set for their release.

""Homefront" shows players an eerie vision of the future as told by John Milius, writer of the movies "Apocalypse Now" and "Red Dawn." Despite the bad reviews it has received lately, "Homefront" is worthy of being compared to "Call of Duty" and "Battlefield," even though it has a short single player campaign and limited multiplayer. "Homefront" is a gaming experience like no other, and is a great start to a possible series.

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