Planning stages for Greek Organization begin on campus

Only seven percent of people in the United States are educated enough to make smart environmental decisions, according to sophomore zoology major Brook Hannon. Hannon, one of the founders of Rho Lambda Psi, an up-and-coming Greek co-ed organization, would like to bring that education to Oswego State.

"Our motto is enlighten, enrich and enjoy. That’s pretty much what we stand for," Hannon said. "We want to help the people in our community by re-planting some of the endangered plants and educate people about why they should care about their environment."

Rho Lambda Psi is a co-ed Greek organization that is dedicated to helping the community. The organization is still in the process of getting approval by the Student Association. Hannon said as soon as they get approved then they will be accepting pledges the next semester and will start doing projects within the community right away.

"It’s starting from the ground up," Hannon said.

Although this organization is one of many greek organizations at Oswego State, Hannon is confident that they will not have a problem recruiting pledges.

"I think that we wouldn’t have to compete with any organizations," Hannon said. "We would be the only greek life on campus that would focus on just educating and working with the community."

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