Oswego weather can be hard to predict

"On Feb. 18 the weather permitted anyone in New York to walk out with just a hooded sweatshirt instead of a winter jacket. At Oswego State, students could finally walk to class with ease. It was one of the few days this winter with warmer, pleasant weather. The high temperature for the day was in the 50s and the average wind speed was 14 mph.

"The following day it was back to students wearing winter jackets and trying to maintain their balance as they walked to class, facing the strong winds. But this weather is nothing new. Snow is frequent at Oswego, and the weather isn’t significantly different than last winter.

"Lake-effect snow plays a major role in Oswego’s weather. Cold air migrating over a warm body of water creates clouds that produce a snowstorm effect. It causes unpredictable weather in Oswego County. The weather may seem like some unpredictable phenomena, but it isn’t completely unforeseeable. It is possible to become aware of weather patterns and to prepare appropriately for it – by observing the weather.

"Estimates are used to make weather forecasts, sometimes with the variables not being properly measured.

""Meteorology is an inexact science," meteorology professor Scott Steiger said. "Forecasting is getting better and more predictable. More often, it’s exact within three or four days."


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