Electric effect felt from new choir

Vocal Effect show choir

Oswego State’s Vocal Effect show choir had their first performance Feb. 10 in Waterman Theatre in Tyler Hall. The 22-student choir worked for five months and was ready to show off their hard work.

Nate Emmons, the founder and director of Vocal Effect also serves as the assistant dean of students and coordinator of orientation programs at Oswego State. He was inspired by the way the Laker Leaders performed music numbers during the summer orientations and he wanted to take the group and try to create a show choir so that they could perform for their peers.

The choir performed songs from artists such as the Black Eyed Peas, Madonna, Michael Jackson and The Rolling Stones. Student’s favorite numbers to perform included Beyonce’s "Single Ladies" and the "Madonna Medley," which Emmons said the choir "always nails and it’s electrifying to experience."

Along with singing, Vocal Effect included choreography in their performance. The students say that a number of the routines were challenging, which included the Michael Jackson number. The group created a lot of the choreography but they did receive some help with a few songs from Jessica Reeher, who, in addition to being a Communication Studies professor, is also a ballroom dancer

It could be easy to compare Vocal Effect to New Directions, the show choir in the hit TV series "Glee." However, Emmons thinks the students in Vocal Effect put a lot more work into their performances. He said they work "day after day perfecting the routines and they all have to rely on each other."

The members of Vocal Effect like "Glee" and love to perform.

"It’s a good combo of singing and dancing and just being on stage is fun," member Sandy Ferguson said.

Emmons said that when this group gets on stage and performs "folks will be amazed." He wants just wants the group to "shine on the stage and be successful."

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