As right-wing columnist departs, a look back at her best work

Since 2007, Lori Moreth has been an institution on the opinion pages of The Oswegonian. As the paper expanded from a tabloid to a broadsheet and eventually found its way onto the never-ending avenue of the Internet, Lori stuck with us on every step of the journey. On the way, she managed to generate more mail—favorable and critical—than any writer in this paper’s history. Unfortunately, Ms. Moreth graduated in December and will no longer write a regular column for The Oswegonian. As a tribute to her, we’d like to remember her reliably conservative contribution; it is that spirit that we present the very best of Lori Moreth.


The government and many lobbying groups have been on a crusade to eliminate smoking. Their ammunition is so-called studies that prove smoking and second-hand smoke cause cancer, heart disease and other health related problems especially for non-smokers who are exposed to smoke. It’s easy to have a study skewed to be biased in a certain direction. For example, they would have you believe that cigarette smoking causes cancer. This is a false statement. There may be a correlation between smoking and cancer, but it is not a true cause-and-effect relationship. In doing such a study, it is impossible to factor out all the variables. It would be unethical to do such a study, yet they will have you believe that there is evidence second-hand smoke is responsible for a large amount of cancers in non-smokers.


Here’s a thought: the taxpayer money that Obama has been spending on these elaborate vacations could be used for reducing the debt and investing in the American people. But no, instead you have Obama in India holding a town-hall meeting where he states the objective of his visit was to find jobs. Obama said, "I want to make sure we are here because this will create jobs in the US," but stressed he was for a kind of relationship that will create jobs in India as well. It doesn’t seem likely that this will spur any job growth in our country. We keep hearing about the need for Americans to sacrifice, but it is a "do as I say, not as I do" stance from the Obama administration.


It was Einstein who said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. So why did New Yorkers vote in the very candidates and party that is responsible for raising taxes and literally driving businesses, with their precious jobs, out of the state. Now we have high unemployment and a bankrupt, over-reaching government. New York’s results prove there are ignorant people who vote. That is the only explanation I can think of for how some New Yorkers vote. Perhaps it is a New York illness that affects elitists and their voting habits. Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand were both voted back to the Senate. Schumer hasn’t met a camera he didn’t like and Gillibrand is nothing more than a sock puppet for Schumer: I saw his lips move the last time Gillibrand visited Upstate New York.


One thing is certain, when the left is in trouble, as they are now, they will say anything and do anything to keep their power. Conservative candidates are stupid and uneducated, they say; Republicans are only for the rich.

During the 2008 election campaign the progressive left raved about Obama. We need an intelligent president, they said, one who understands the minority plight, he will heal our nation and unite us all. But the left are in for a rude awakening with these midterms and the rise of the Tea Party, and will have more trouble with the presidential election in 2012.


You may wonder why the American people wouldn’t want to be like Europe. At first it may seem a bit attractive. But you are forgetting that this was a time when our nation had seen its biggest influx of European immigration. These immigrants knew what it was like to live under a socialist or communist rule. So many people from all over Europe had left everything they knew, took whatever they could carry and risked the long voyage to America, for a chance at a better life. They, in turn, defended America from the repeating the mistakes of the countries that they left.

Somehow, over the years, we must have forgotten what they went through.


It will soon be time to choose the path. Is it the neo-Marxist agenda, where the nation will be under government control and citizens are all equally poor, except for the dictator who will run the government? Or do you choose the path that leads to freedom and God given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness our Founding Fathers wanted us to have?


There seems to be no end to the war on Christianity and on our nation. We have a President and a majority in congress who believe that this country needs to be fundamentally transformed. The country doesn’t need to change, the government does.


It seems to me that progressive Democrats are for civil rights of minorities, but only when it suits them. If there is money to be made, forget about the Native American sovereignty or treaties dating back to 1794.


When I gaze into my crystal ball, I see tough times ahead. There seems to be a growing divide in this country being fueled by the Obama administration. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law a comprehensive immigration reform bill, making it a crime to be in the US illegally. President Obama, as his usual classy self, condemned this legislation and ordered his justice department to look into the law, stating that the law would "undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans." How is enforcing a law that is already on the books, unfair and for whom?


There are several reasons for the attack on the Tea Party people. One reason is that the Tea Party movement is growing, bringing the people across our nation from all walks of life to unite against corruption and an agenda that is oppressive. This administration knows it cannot carry out its "fundamental transformation" of this country into a totalitarian, Marxist regime as long as the Tea Party movement gains momentum and strength to stop it.


Obama’s narcissistic behavior is seen in his need to be the center of attention. He is the only sitting president to go on a late night talk show and appear shirtless on the cover of a magazine. He scheduled more press conferences and televised speeches during prime time television than any other president prior.

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