Final schedule changes cause confusion, frustration among staff

Final examination schedule changes that took place a week before classes resumed left some faculty members very confused.

The Registrar’s Office Advisory Group recommended the schedule change to better accommodate students.

"But feedback from the sudden change indicated that there needed to be more discussion," said Associate Provost Rameen Mohammadi.

Chemistry Professor Lawrence Fuller had prepared his syllabus ahead of time and posted it on Angel. The schedule change caught him slightly off-guard.

"Unfortunately, I went to class the first day really not knowing what schedule was being followed because there were several schedules up on the MyOswego webpage," Fuller said.

He advised his students to become aware of different dates and times, and that they will know the date of the final exam before the semester is over.

History Professor Ming-Te Pan said that he knew some faculty members did not favor the change, but it did not have a strong impact on him. However the sudden change forced him to reprint his syllabus to correct the examination times.

Some professors were concerned students had already planned their vacations ahead of time and were going to have to adjust their plans.

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