Letter to the Editor – 12/3

Dear Mr. Hammond,

I have read your editorial in the Nov. 19 edition of The Oswegonian about Obama and the Republicans. Here are the facts about Obama. He had only two years in the U.S. Senate before he ran for president. This man has no experience in Washington. Two years is not enough time. More than 100 senators and Congressmen were more qualified to run for president and didn’t.

They knew being president wasn’t an easy job. Today or over the first two years, Obama has been surrounded by radicals, communists and socialists. This man is taking America down the wrong path.

A little thing like Obamacare is costing all the major employers of this nation, big time. They will pass the bill down to their employees.

It was the youth who put Democrats in Washington. Do you like the kind of change we’re getting? Obama did not reveal himself in the pre-2008 elections, like a very clever, slippery eel. He is un-American.

Both John McCain and Hilary Clinton had tons more wisdom than Obama. He attends no church. When he is overseas, he makes dumb, stupid remarks about our great country.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid love to spend your money. The words that come out of their mouths are dumb as a rock.

People from Europe came to America in 1565 and landed at St. Augustine, Fla. They came here for freedom of religion. Obama wants to make us a Socialist nation. That’s going back 445 years. Can you imagine how dumb and stupid that is? Wake up!

This is 2010. America is the best country in the world, bar none. We have the best military, best ships, best planes and the best of freedom. Why is everyone outside of this country trying to come here? We have the best of everything. Some people don’t see those immigrants all have trades that benefit the U.S.A. big time. My grandparents came over in 1913. All their children were successful in many different trades.

I’m 76, third-generation American, and I want you to know, there will not be any hiring of people as long as Obama is in the White House. Big businesses know he is a radical. Tax the rich? They worked for it! They will not give it to Obama to squander it on the lazy who won’t work. As I said of my parents, we worked long and hard, no welfare, no free gifts from Washington.

My late father worked long hours during World War II. The plant in Oswego gave him many responsibilities. He carried them out well. So write something you know about the next time.

Jay Torrington, Syracuse

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