Finances stall GLR magazine

With the magazine at the publisher and a semester of hard work behind them, the staff of the Great Laker Review (GLR) was ready for celebration. That is, until Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Marci Zebrowski, treasurer of the GLR, was notified, for the first time, of the club’s drop to Tier I status; the Tier change resulted in a loss of all Student Association funding. For the organization, GLR has been recognized as a Tier III organization for more than 30 years, allowing the group to receive $6,000 annually, according to Zebrowski.

The executive board of GLR, including Zebrowski, said they never received e-mails about the deadlines for budget requests. They also claimed they never received this information at the meetings for club treasurers either.

Director of Finance for S.A. Armando Franco said his department does not hold the responsibility of informing clubs when paperwork is not submitted. S.A. has taken measures to better educate treasurers on the guidelines through training and an updated manual.

Zebrowski said S.A. did not try to help and the organization has become too bureaucratic.

"I feel like I can’t go to S.A. and ask for help," Zebrowski said. "Students don’t have as much sway as they used to."

That is not the image S.A. would like to portray, said Franco. He is available if students have questions and he encouraged students to open up to their representatives if they are unhappy with how S.A. is serving them.

With no sign of any S.A. funding, Zebrowski said they are looking for donations while they petition the senate. At the moment, the Women’s Center and ARTSwego are possible donors. Although this is an unexpected delay, Zebrowski has vowed to get the magazine printed, even if it takes another semester.

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