Uribe hoping for successful final year

"The New York Yankees have Derek Jeter and the New England Patriots have Tom Brady as their leaders. The Oswego men’s basketball team has Jose Uribe the only returning senior who’s played all four-years in a Lakers uniform. Kevin Kucel is also a senior on the Lakers, but he didn’t play for the Lakers last season.

"Uribe’s experienced it all from playing in the SUNYAC championship game and losing, advancing to the ECAC semifinal game, all the way to having a new coach.

""I’ve had great coaches," Uribe said.

"Uribe has played in 60 games and scored 272 career points and knows this is has last chance to win a SUNYAC title.

"Chad (Burridge) is looking like the best player in the conference," Uribe said. "We can compete for a championship."

"Despite having Burridge the Lakers have Uribe leading them and that could be what carries them far this season.

""He (Uribe) works well with the underclassmen," head coach Adam Stockwell said. "He’s been a great role model. He’s been positive he works hard."

"Uribe’s shooting for the stars with his expectations this year. Going out on the top would be the icing on the cake for Uribe’s career at Oswego, but he knows the hard work it will take and that is his job as captain to pass down the knowledge of his experience to the younger guys.

""It’s like learning from experience," he said. "Three years of ups-and-downs, I know what a season can give you. You have to go hard during practices."

"Leaders have different characteristics of themselves. Uribe is a lead-by-example type of guy. He gives it his all on the court in games and during practices showing his teammates by what’s expected of them.

""You have to be vocal," Uribe said.

"Also having an extremely close group of teammates has helped the Lakers in the pre-season and will hope to carry them deep into the playoffs.

""We have good relationship with the players," Uribe said. "We’re a close knit group. If I’m working hard they feel they have to as well."

"Unlike most of his teammates Uribe’s time is up. He wants to go out and he wants to go out with a bang. His leadership will play a huge part in the Lakers on the court play and that will be the important part of the game.

""It’s just making sure every second counts, don’t waste it," Uribe said.

"Having his team set the same goal and shoot for the stars with him will be what could carry them all the way or send them home earlier than they want.

"Unlike most of his team though at the end of the season when the clock reads 0:00 Uribe will have to hang his jersey up and walk out knowing that he put it all on the court. He will be done, while his teammates will have another season to look forward to.

""You only have four-years to play," Uribe said. "Don’t take advantage of that."

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