Tea Party should prepare for disappointment as they take to Washington

"The midterm elections are finally over. For those who did not pay attention, the Republicans have reclaimed the House of Representatives and the Democrats narrowly escaped with the Senate.

"So far there has been the predictable doom and gloom from the left, and explosions of joy from the right. But the only reaction I have had to the midterm results so far is laughter.

"I am laughing at the fact that so many Democrats are shocked this happened. I am laughing at the fact that so many members of the Tea Party honestly think their crazy ideas are actually going to be passed into law. I am laughing at the fact that people think the Republican party has had a complete makeover since 2006 and will prove they are truly the answer to America’s problems.

"I could go on forever mentioning all the things funny about the results, but the bottom line is I really do not care that the Republicans are back in power. This is not apathy, it is just being realistic. People need to understand that politics in America are pretty cyclical. A party takes power, eventually the people get tired of the party, vote the other party in power and the process repeats itself. That is exactly what is going to happen here.

"My message to all the Tea Party supporters is to prepare for disappointment. The Tea Party is always talking about taking the country back and bringing change. Good luck with that. If a Democratic president could not bring overwhelming change to the political system when his party controlled both houses of Congress, then how can anyone think a bunch of first-term congressmen and senators can do it?

"During the 2008 election, President Obama was criticized for being naïve about how much change he can bring because the political system was so firmly entrenched in its counterproductive traditions. The Tea Partiers are doing the exact same thing, just with an extra ounce of crazy fervor. Anyone who follows politics knows Congress and quick decisions on changing policy never go hand-in-hand. There’s just no way their radical policies are going to pass, even with their party’s majority.

"Another angle of these elections is the impact they will have on President Obama. I have some bad news for the right. Not only is Obama going to be re-elected in 2012, but the Republican takeover could be hugely beneficial to his presidency. The one thing that always held Obama back was his own party. Their majority in Congress reinforced the stereotype that Democrats are spineless and lack the tenacity needed to get important pieces of legislation passed.

"Sure, they passed the health care bill, but not before it was severely watered down by the Republicans. It’s possible that the Republican majority could reignite the me-against-the-world mentality that got Obama elected in the first place. True leadership comes in times of adversity, and if Obama really is the great leader everyone hoped he would be, then now is the time to prove it.

"Also, the reason why he will be re-elected in two years is very simple; there is not a candidate who can really defeat him. People can be more cautious with presidential elections then with congressional ones, as they are more hesitant with their choices. One of the main reasons John McCain lost to Obama was that so many people were uneasy with Sarah Palin. The Democrats could not even find anyone to defeat Bush in 2004. A presidential candidate has to be more than a rabble-rouser. They need to be a well-rounded politician. Right now, there isn’t anyone in the Republican party who truly has all the qualities needed to defeat Obama.

"The final flaw shown during these elections is how much of a joke the two-party system is.

"It is extremely unsettling that so many people throw themselves behind a party and support them no matter what. There were a lot of people on Facebook and Twitter who only cared if the Republicans won. What they would do in Congress afterward didn’t matter, as long as the GOP took seats. The Tea Party candidates noticed this, and just told their supporters what they wanted to hear. They knew they would get votes just because they were Republicans. Democrats do the same thing.

"People need to vote for the candidate, not the party. If you are a Republican, do not vote for someone like Sharron Angle, who wanted to disband the Department of Education, just because she’s a Republican as well. Blind faith in anything is a bad idea. If all the ballots in this country just listed the candidates and their policies, we would definitely get different results.

"So congratulations to everyone who won last night. Enjoy the celebrations while they last, because in a few months when you all realize that changing anything in politics is nearly impossible. Everyone who voted for you will become disappointed and move on to some other candidate or movement. Good luck guys.

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