Right takes back House

"The 2010 midterm election was a rallying cry by the American people to take back our country. Perhaps this was the first time that Democrats, Independents, Republicans and other groups joined together in an effort to remove undesirables from Congress and replace them with those who will hold up, defend and implement the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. The Tea Party led a campaign that toured the country inspiring everyone to vote for what they believe in. What is it that drives them? Small government, less spending, accountability and lower taxes. It was the driving force behind this election that brought about a change in the political landscape.

"Yes, ding-dong the witch is dead. Sure, the wicked witch, Nancy Pelosi, is not really dead but has been dethroned. She and her giant gavel which sealed the fate of the monstrosity of a health care bill complete with death panels and unconstitutional provision that force the general public to purchase health insurance have been sent packing. At this point in time no one, not even Pelosi, knows what is ahead for her.

"John Boehner will now be Speaker of the House. Boehner, from Ohio, had been a vocal contender to many of Obama’s, Pelosi’s and Reid’s policies. It was Boehner who threw the 2,000 page healthcare bill to the floor of the house. If Boehner sticks to the conservative or right wing polices, it will be a plus for the nation. It also means that Republicans now have the power to gridlock policies that would be damaging to the republic.

"This was the biggest midterm-election gain in the history of the country. The 1994 march on Washington by Newt Gingrich paled in comparison to the Tea Party Express and the political tsunami that occurred on Tuesday. All but a few Tea Party candidates won their elections. In his acceptance speech, Boehner promised to move forward on the health care bill and repeal it. This was one of the main issues that the American people were passionate about. However the president didn’t hear the same message that Boehner heard. Unfortunately, the message failed to register with him.

"Obama came out Wednesday in response to the midterm elections and gave his usual dog and pony show for the media. As he stood before the country, he blamed the mass loss of seats to Republicans on not explaining the healthcare bill, and finally, on George Bush. This last one is my favorite. Next time you have a paper due and you partied all weekend, don’t sweat it, just tell the professor, it was Bush’s fault. In all seriousness, Obama’s approach to the huge turnover is somewhat disturbing.

"Prior to the midterm election, Barack and Michelle took to the streets to campaign for the Democrats up for election. In a stump speech trying to secure the Hispanic vote, Obama referred to those who oppose him as the enemy. This is a historic first: that a standing president would call the American citizens enemies is unheard of. He has referred to Tea Party supporters as "tea baggers,"not to mention those in the Midwest as "bitter clingers." So now Obama says he will work with Republicans in a bipartisan fashion on key issues. But remember, it wasn’t that long ago when Obama started the analogy: "The Republicans have driven the car into a deep ditch," that he and fellow Democrats were pushing hard to get the car out of the ditch while the republicans stood at the top of the ditch laughing and drinking Slurpees. "If the republicans want to go along for the ride, they must sit in the back," Obama stated. He also made it known that the Republicans can’t have the keys to the car, cause they don’t know how to drive. After all it was the Republican’s driving that put the car in the ditch.

"The president wasn’t the only one that had stern words for those who might oppose his and the left’s agenda. Bill Maher claims Americans are stupid, that they need to get over it and accept the health care bill, because it’s for their own good. Maher believes they need democrats to lead the way for them. Usually, I would be offended by such comments however these are some insane and highly ignorant people in Washington, D.C.

"It was Einstein who said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. So why did New Yorkers vote in the very candidates and party that is responsible for raising taxes and literally driving businesses, with their precious jobs, out of the state. Now we have high unemployment and a bankrupt, over-reaching government. New York’s results prove there are ignorant people who vote. That is the only explanation I can think of for how some New Yorkers vote. Democrat Charlie Rangel, who has been brought up on ethics charges and accused of tax evasion, was voted back in. If you voted for him, don’t worry, the hearings to expel him have not started yet. Perhaps it is a New York illness that affects elitists and their voting habits. Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand were both voted back to the Senate. Schumer hasn’t met a camera he didn’t like and Gillibrand is nothing more than a sock puppet for Schumer: I saw his lips move the last time Gillibrand visited Upstate New York. This ignorant germ is not limited to New York, it has been found in California and Nevada. It explains how Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer were reelected.

"It won’t be long before 2012 is here and we have an even more important election. Keep your eyes and ears open, somewhere out there is the next Ronald Reagan, let’s hope we can survive until then.

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