New punk-rock album gets heart pumping


Good Charlotte released their latest album, "Cardiology," on Oct. 26. The band, Joel Madden, lead vocals, Benji Madden, rhythm guitar, Paul Thomas, bass guitar, Billy Martin, lead guitar and Dean Butterworth, percussion, returned to their punk-rock roots in a new collection of upbeat songs.

The album begins with a slow, short tune that explains itself through its title, "Introduction to Cardiology." The CD then moves to the fast-paced, upbeat "Let the Music Play." Its catchy tune and feel-good lyrics add to the album’s overall playfulness.

The fourth track, "Silver Screen Romance," shows Good Charlotte’s skills in conjuring lyrics that are worth singing along to: "You’ll be Betty Davis, I’ll be Cary Grant/ We’ll stay young forever, living in a silver screen romance."

The following track, "Like It’s Her Birthday," tells a story of one girl’s wild night. This party-going theme continues with "Last Night," which, along with the other tracks, provides a great tune for ambitious youth to listen to when preparing to go out for the night.

Mid-album, the lyrics become more explicit. "Sex on the Radio" is catchy, but its lyrics are perhaps too sex-oriented to allow for appreciation of Good Charlotte’s creativity; it may make music-goers question the band’s motive, and will make it hard for them to stand out from the other bands who have sung about the same subject.

However, this sex-induced attitude tones down on the track "Alive," which expresses the excitement of life itself.

"Standing Ovation" has a slower rhythm than the album’s other tracks, but shows lead singer Joel Madden’s skills in blurting out tunes with heart and soul.

The following track, "Harlow’s Song (Can’t Dream Without You)," is even slower and more sentimental. The track is devoted to Joel Madden’s two-year-old daughter, Harlow.

The short and acoustic "Interlude: The Fifth Chamber" returns the album to the upbeat attitude and quick-paced guitar strums, with "1979."

The last song of the album is the title track, "Cardiology," which is similar to that of the album’s first track. The rhythm also encompasses the human body itself, with the faint heart beat and a sound resembling inhaling in the background. This ends the album on a calmer state of mind.

Most of the tracks on the album combine rock and pop to create a unique rhythm at the start of each track.

"Cardiology" is a colorful, punk-rock storybook, that tail-spins in almost every song. Although the connection between rock and story-telling may be a notion for all music artists, Good Charlotte tells each musical story with an excited, bouncy attitude.

"Cardiology" is a great addition for the punk-rock genre of our generation; the album provides a soulful and catchy collection of songs that will certainly leave an impression. For fans of rock music with memorable lyrics and a positive attitude, as well as those looking for energetic tunes, "Cardiology" is certainly recommended.

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