Radical progressives resurrect failed attempts of ’70s

It is time for us to take a good hard look at where we are heading as a country. We have come to a fork in the road with the midterm elections as well as the 2012 presidential election. The outcome may determine the fate of our nation.

We were unique, our founding fathers and the framers of the Constitution had constructed a blueprint that allowed freedom for us as individuals to become whatever we choose. Because of this power, throughout our history there have been those who tried to change our nation. There was Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt and the almost-successful FDR. Their philosophy went by the name of progressivism. Hollywood was a major player. Those on the left: celebrities, elitists and intellectuals (as they called themselves) wanted to emulate the European way of life. However, these advances were always defeated by the American people.

You may wonder why the American people wouldn’t want to be like Europe. At first it may seem a bit attractive. But you are forgetting that this was a time when our nation had seen its biggest influx of European immigration. These immigrants knew what it was like to live under a socialist or communist rule. So many people from all over Europe had left everything they knew, took whatever they could carry and risked the long voyage to America, for a chance at a better life. They, in turn, defended America from the repeating the mistakes of the countries that they left.

Somehow, over the years, we must have forgotten what they went through. They lived hard lives full of struggle. Before they arrived in America, they were processed at Ellis Island where they were tested for diseases (both mental and physical), deloused, then immunized before entering into the country. When they reached shore, they often lived in tenement houses overcrowded with poor unsanitary living conditions, while they worked hard, learned the language and culture in order to become American citizens. They did this because they knew that this was the only place they could live free from oppression and prosper, which many of them did. Over the years, many of us have forgotten where we came from, that those same people had been our grandparents and great grandparents.

So what happened in the 1960s? This was a time of turmoil, brought on by drug use and naïve Marxism. It produced counter subcultures such as hippies who were into "free love" (read: orgies) They also had a thing for laziness, which led to major hygiene issues.

Then there were the militant commies who waged war against the "establishment" or "the man." The establishment was the old white businessman who was a capitalist and responsible for keeping the brothers down. These reds organized into anti-American, home-grown terrorist groups such as the Weather Underground, who went on to make bombs in their basements that blew up a New York City precinct and part of the pentagon.

There were also the black liberation theologists such as the Black Panthers. They were the ones who burnt the flag and created chaos with widespread violence and vandalism. Then the Vietnam War broke out with the draft, which brought another divide. Some went to war and others, draft dodgers, went to Canada. When the war ended, it was the dodgers who spit on the vets. They called them "baby killers" and harassed them. Those who fought had no choice; they didn’t have rich parents who could afford to send their kids to Canada. Today they are Code Pink.

As time went on there was a rise in divorce rates and single mother households. The 1970s brought in double digit unemployment, high taxes and poverty. What had saved us then was Ronald Reagan. So what does this have to do with where we are today?

We are repeating the ‘70s. Look at the current administration. The president in his own words stated, "To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists." The administration Obama appointed is filled those radical friends (who are not so friendly to America). William Ayres, founder of the Weather Underground, admitted making bombs, but he felt he didn’t do enough. Hillary Clinton stated herself that she wasn’t a liberal—she considered herself a 20th century progressive.

This administration is taking us back to that turbulent time and once again we must choose. We can continue on this destructive path or we can vote for the candidates that will take us back to our roots.

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