SA vice president resigns – Breaking News

Student Association Vice President TJ Scandaliato resigned at Tuesday night’s senate meeting.

"Due to a series of unfortunate events that are both professional and personal, I have to resign the vice presidency of the Student Association," said Scandaliato in his speech. "This is not something that I am happy about and I don’t often look upon myself as a quitter so this is especially hard."

Ajay Lentini, current Senate President pro tempore, will be sworn in as vice president tomorrow at 6 p.m. He has been a senator since Fall 2009 and chairs the Rules and Judiciary committee.

"I want to continue what we started doing so far," Lentini said. "I just want to make sure that we don’t get stalled in Senate. I want things to keep rolling."

S.A. President Steven DiMarzo said he was initially worried when he found out about Scandaliato’s plans to resign on Monday.

"We really just started hitting the ground running. We’ve been moving really well and getting very strong internally and a change could create a hiccup, but after talking to him [Scandaliato] and hearing his reasons, he needs to do this for himself," DiMarzo said.

DiMarzo said he is looking forward to meeting with Lentini within the next few days to discuss plans for S.A.

Scandaliato said that he plans on staying around S.A. for the next week to help with the transition.

"It’s a stressful job and you really need to make sure you love it, and while I did, there are some things in my life I need to pay more attention to that affect me in a much greater way," Scandaliato said.

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