Women sacrificing for relationships may soon suffer regrets

Before the 1950s the sole purpose of women in the world was to lie on their backs, make babies and take care of their households and husbands. During the 1950s and 1960s, women wanted more out of life, so they fought for the same rights as men. Among these rights were the right to education and the right to work.

Unfortunately, some women today have seem to have forgotten the struggle the women before them went through to get women where they are today. According to mediatakeout.com, and creolemagazine.com, the rapper Ludacris’ fiance, Euxonie, dropped out of the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami to join his entourage. Since Ludacris is constantly on the road, it is understandable that he would want to spend more time with Euxonie. But for her to drop out of medical school is complete madness.

Why would she toss her career to the side to follow in the shadow of her fiance’s career? Is she blinded and guided by love, or was medical school not her passion to begin with and this was the perfect excuse to leave? As expensive as medical school is, she must be confident that their relationship will stay strong and positive that he will support her for the rest of her life. Or she must have some kind of backup plan.

Why is it that some women are so quick to drop their careers to follow behind men? It is not impossible to have both a career and a love life. Although "The Game" is a TV show, Melanie, one of the main characters in the show, didn’t give up medical school to follow her pro football boyfriend, Derwin. She transferred to a medical school, where Derwin’s football team was located. Even though she was faced with many distractions, heartaches and drama, she didn’t give up her dream to become a doctor just to be with boyfriend, and neither should Euxonie, if that is her dream.

Besides, what happens if they call off the engagement? Will she re-apply to medical school, hoping that she can pick up where she left off? Or will she have to resort to taking any job she can to support herself? It seems like some women do not think about the possibility of a break-up, since they do irrational and irreversible things for their man.

For example, according to mediatakeout.com and culturemap.com, George Lopez is divorcing his wife, Ann, after 17 years. She gave him a daughter (now 15 years old) and a kidney. Yes, she gave him her kidney. She is better than most women because most women after a break up, or a divorce, would have wanted everything they came into a relationship with back, organs and all. But she was in love, and like most women, she probably did whatever she could for her husband to make sure he was healthy and happy.

Why is it that women sacrifice so much for their men? Why do women stay with men who hinder or delay their dreams? Whatever a woman chooses to do with her life, she should be comfortable with the decisions she makes, and be able to live those decisions. So, maybe Euxonie is comfortable with the decision to leave medical school to be with Ludacris. Maybe, Ann Lopez is happy that she helped her husband in his time of need, although they will soon be divorced. Whatever the case may be, everyone, men and women alike, should be careful with the decisions they make in relationships because they can affect their single lives later.

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