College officials continue to tackle campus drainage

"Jumping through puddles can be fun with a little light rain, but with the constant issue of ponding around campus, it has become an annoyance and a reoccurring problem.

"The puddles in front of Hart Hall, Cooper Dining Hall, and the sidewalk issues on West Campus are problems that could be compounded by winter weather.

"Maintenance promised last year that ponding issues would be resolved by fall 2010.

""The grounds department and the rest of the campus does its best to address all of the issues we can with the limited funds available," said Ron Randall, head grounds supervisor.

"According to Randall, the sidewalk that leads from the tennis courts at Lot 12 to the bridge on Rudolph Road, the Iroquois Trail sidewalk near the entrance to The Village, and the trail around the Glimmerglass Lagoon were fixed this summer.

"Sidewalks onthe north side of Cooper Dining Hall between Hart Hall and Funnelle Hall were replaced last summer, and the main walk in front of Sheldon has been overlaid with blacktop.

""We hope that as part of the new science project that will eventually be replaced as well," Randall said.

"Unfortunately, with winter weather coming, the in-climate storms always seem to take a toll on the campus, regardless of what was fixed months before.

""Now in the winter, once the ground is frozen, everything changes," Randall said. "There are many factors that stop water from running away and creating puddles the biggest is that internal drainage is stopped by the frost and most all drainage is surface drainage."

"Though maintenance has fixed many problems on campus, ponding is still an issue. Students see it as an annoyance to get to class with the steep puddles that surround the sidewalks.

""I think that it should be the college’s priority to fix the ponding in front of the dorms because it is an inconvenience to the students," freshman biology major Samantha Blanchard said.


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