Pressing ‘dislike’ on Facebook for now

I used to love Facebook. Back when a Facebook poke might lead to some real pokes and strokes, those were the days. If you wanted to know what people were doing for the weekend and where the popping party was you could just log into Facebook. I used to actually read my friends’ statuses because it gave you the feeling that you were still connected with what was going on in their lives even if they were miles away at a different school or back home.

What happened to the fun times and the true essence of what it means to be a part of a social network? Sunday was the day to upload memories from a weekend filled with no sleep. It used to take a two-part album. There were no pictures of club involvement and peace walks, just the ones of your friend passed out on the sidewalk.

Now I hate it. Sundays are spent cringing at all the photos I have to untag in case they get into the hands of potential employers. If I see another baby shower I may take a spoon to my eye. It is depressing; people Facebook poking me is as annoying as another 4 a.m. fire alarm going off.

So how does Facebook get back in my good graces? Not to worry, I have a few suggestions. For starters, we need a dislike button. It is time I get to dislike a few comments and posts, especially the emo inspired ones. Also, there should be a limited profile view for future employers. When I go on a business website I get a brief multimedia introduction, a list of clients and past accomplishments and for further information a number to contact. Facebook should only allow employers to see my profile picture, basic information such as colleges, previous employers, organizations and extra curricular activities.

And another thing, parents need to leave. What is up with friends having their parents friended on Facebook? Nothing is worse than when you see someone’s parent comment on an ongoing conversation about Margarita Thursdays at Azteca’s. Finally, there should be no love tribute posts. I do not care. If you love your girlfriend or boyfriend this week and hate them the next, go do that somewhere else.

If we can work on some of those changes and bring the fun back, maybe, just maybe, Facebook can see me click the like button again.

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