Rice Creek to undergo renovation as part of Piez Construction Project

"Oswego State’s biological field station at Rice Creek Field is due for a $1.75 million to $2 million renovation, which is a part of the campus’s Piez Hall construction project.

""We will completely renovate the Rice Creek Station to address all the critical maintenance needs and modernize all the supporting program delivery elements," said Tom Simmonds, associate vice president of facilities and design. "We are still only partially complete with the design concepts for a rehabilitated Rice Creek Field Station, so exact components are being discussed with the Sciences Planning Committee."

"Rice Creek was finished in 1966 to support academic training, public service and training for students that are studying natural sciences and environmental courses. The trails are open for both students and the general public.

""Many people believe that the field station is the main building, but the field station is all the paths and fields we have around it," clarified Lucina Hernandez, director of Rice Creek.

"The main building of Rice Creek Field is what will be renovated. The reconstruction of the main building plays into the larger project of advancing the campus’s science, mathematics and engineering programs. The Piez Project will also combine Piez Hall and Snygg Hall into a single 225,000 foot complex on east campus, according to Simmonds.

"Simmonds said that the Rice Creek Field Station reconstruction will take place at the same time as the renovation of Piez Hall. Although a construction schedule is still in discussion, the expected construction time period will last about 12 months. As of right now, the Rice Creek endeavor is 30 percent complete with the design process.

"When construction begins, the main building will be closed for about a year, posing some difficulties and inconveniences to students. Simmonds said the students will be accommodated in other, undertermined areas on campus while the remodeling occurs, and will still have components of the overall Rice Creek Field Station available for their use.

""The renovated facility will support the science mission for interdisciplinary, collaborative space that will enhance students learning, research, and exploration activities," Simmonds said.


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