Bed lofting

Residence Life and Housing will not complete requests for bed lofting in residence halls this semester, unless the request was submitted before the July 1 deadline.

Rick Kolenda, director of Residence Life and Housing, said the campus employs several college students over the summer to complete lofting and de-lofting requests before the semester begins. After the deadline, he said, "We just don’t necessarily have the manpower." Only the custodial staff from each dorm can change the setup of students’ beds during the semester. "It does take some time," Kolenda added, and trying to loft beds during the opening week of the first semester "creates a very difficult situation." Kolenda said that Residence Life and Housing is concerned with students lofting their own beds.

"We would like to put it up ourselves so it’s done properly," he said.

Residence Life and Housing trains a staff to safely configure students’ beds, but Kolenda said not all students have been waiting for the necessary help."It’s a safety issue. We can’t get to them as fast as they would like us to get to them," he said.While waiting for custodians to loft beds seems tedious to most students, Kolenda urges everyone to wait for trained professionals’ help.Students who still wish to have their beds lofted or de-lofted need to submit requests to the custodial staff in their dorm.

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