Shortie Says!

Dear Shortie,
I recently had sex with my boyfriend. Unfortunately, the condom broke. I am really scared and terrified; I don’t know what to do. Will I become pregnant? Someone please help me!
-Accidental Breakage

Dear Accidental Breakage,

Hopefully, you discovered this within 72 hours of the condom breaking because Plan B (or otherwise known as the morning after pill) would be a useful option for you. If used within 72 hours the pill will be effective, if you aren’t already pregnant. Plan B doesn’t terminate an existing pregnancy, but it is effective because it contains a higher dosage of levonorgestrel (a hormone which is found in many birth control pills). Remember, Plan B does not protect against STD’s. Visit the Mary Walker Health Center to get more information on Plan B.

Dear Shortie,
I am a woman who is really cautious about my body and aware of any changes to it. But lately I’ve been getting a discharge similarly to a yellow color. Do you have any idea of what it could be and how I can get rid of it?

Dear Curious,

What you are experiencing sounds like a yeast or bacterial infection. The white or yellow vaginal discharge can be caused by what is known as yeast, which naturally resides in the body and is also called Candida. Stop by the Mary Walker Health Center (321-4100) to make an appointment and get things checked out.

Dear Shortie,
Finals are quickly approaching, and I am a horrible procrastinator and time manger in school, at work, and even getting around to cleaning my dorm room. I’m somehow always putting it off till tomorrow or taking forever to finish. Do you have any practical suggestions on time organization and overcoming procrastination habits?"
-Always Late

Dear Always Late,

An inordinate amount of stress in students’ lives revolves around time. Procrastination is probably the number one time management problem of all time! With patience and determination, you can change some of your procrastinating ways and learn to live with what you can’t change. The goal is to learn to fit our daily activities into time’s schedule. Come visit the Lifestyles Center in the Mary Walker Health Center to pick up one of our pamphlets on self-management strategies and stress.

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