She Said – 4/23/10

In today’s modern world with our advances in society, it would be nice to think that the size of a man’s unit isn’t important to most women. Unfortunately, this column is about being honest and giving the realistic answers so that all of the readers can get the best advice I have to offer. And when it comes to size, well, it does indeed matter.

Think about it.Yeah, most women would rather have a man who treated them right and had a great personality than a jerk with a big dong, but still, any woman who is being honest with themselves will admit that they definitely would like to have their cake and eat it too.The only real differentiation on this subject among women is how much they prefer a big one on a scale of 1-10.

Let’s say this scale is the range of happiness.One being the least amount of happiness, 10 being the most happy you have ever been in your entire life.Personally, I’m a 10 if it’s a 10, but not all women are alike.

Now, I think it’s pretty similar with guys, for the most part, concerning breasts. However, while not many women prefer men with a small penis, I know a lot of guys who do prefer smaller breasts.That is usually because the smaller ones come perkier and are paired on an athletic-looking girl rather than one who is oversized. I’m not saying anything is wrong with oversized girls, but feeding into stereotypical America, guys tend to prefer an athletic-looking girl. Of course, there are always exceptions. Also, while sometimes men are somewhat attracted to breasts, some consider themselves more of a butt man.

So, generally, size does matter, it just depends what size your special place is. For women, the bigger the better. For men, though, I think the majority like bigger breasts, but they like more of a variety than women do… I think it would be unfair of me to say that breast size shouldn’t matter on a woman when I’m sitting here writing about how the size of penises are usually a pretty big deal. To each their own. I won’t judge a guy for thinking big boobs are sexy as long as he doesn’t criticize me for my own preferences.

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