Apple’s latest invention falls short of glory

Apple Software has come up with many inventions that have made life for the U.S. population a bit easier. Its laptops, including the sleek Macbook and paper-thin Mac Air, continue to assist business employees and college students.

When it comes to technological entertainment, Apple may be considered the master; people worldwide can watch movies and surf the Internet on the go with the iPod Touch, as well as listen to their favorite music through one of Apple’s original, pocket-sized iPods. However, Apple may have reached a point of ridicule when it released the iPad early this month.

Much like the Macbook, the iPad provides Internet connection while on the go. It has the same applications as a Macbook, such as Keynote and iTunes. The look of the iPad, however, far contrast those of the Macbook. The name explains it all; the iPad is indeed a pad. It has no keyboard, just a large touch screen. Consider it a bigger, clumsier version of the iPod Touch.

When it comes to sitting in front of a computer, we know that the right posture is crucial. As if it doesn’t already cause a pain in the neck (literally), imagine what it would be like bending the entire top half of your body down to look at the iPad. Of course, one could hold the flat hunk of metal up in front of them, but how long would it take until your arms fatigue?

With its release just this month, there is no knowing whether or not the iPad will popularize the U.S. the way the iPod and iPhone have.

For certain, this contraption further proves Apple Software’s ambition to revolutionize the way people live worldwide. Can we live normally without superfluous inventions such as these? There’s an app for that.

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