Steps toward a healthier lifestyle

As part of a new health initiative on campus, six Oswego State students designed a program that will focus on raising awareness for the campus to engage in wiser exercise, nutrition and lifestyle management choices.

When Dr. Kari Campbell approached the members of her health promotions class this semester, she gave them the option to create a promotional program of their choice. Several of the students in one group, who have personal training and athletic backgrounds, decided they would focus on a fun, innovative program that the whole campus could enjoy.

The students will kick off their program, "Step up Oswego," with a 5K Walk-A-Thon that will begin in the Campus Center Food Court. Any student, faculty and staff member is encouraged to attend. Each participant will receive a packet with a free pedometer, T-shirt, lifestyle brochures and be able to meet several area professionals at booths with backgrounds in chiropractic, nutrition, stress management and exercise science.

The pedometer will serve as the focal point for this program because at the conclusion of the Walk-A-Thon participants will be encouraged to wear their pedometer on their hips everyday for six weeks to tally their daily steps. They will also receive a steps converter sheet in their registration packet, which estimates the number of steps equivalent to every day activities such as an hour of weight lifting, gardening or riding your bicycle.

"This is a great way for our campus to become more aware as a whole of the increasing importance of proactive personal health which includes all of the elements these students have planned," Dr. Campbell said.

*Note: This is a planned program for an HSC class project but no concrete plans have been set at this time.

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