Staff Editorial – Paying without a cause?

Lately, Oswego State’s Student Association has been doling out cuts to numerous clubs and organizations in order to compensate for the smaller funds in the budget. With the budget cuts, S.A. is finally eliminating funding that had been set aside for arbitrary things, such as plus plan money for executives to grab meals on the go. They have also authorized cuts to their own paychecks, all the way up to the high-ranking officials.

However, S.A. is still allowing summer salaries to seep through to the wallets of four positions in the 2010 – 2011 budget.

Yes, we said summer salaries. The time when everyone goes home and is forced to search for a job that will employ students for only three months out of the year. Yet these four students will be receiving a chunk of the activity fee without having any stipulation that they must be in Oswego during the summer months.

Sure, these summer paychecks will see a reduction from previous years, but they will still draw funds from other organizations who have seen cuts upward of 65 percent.

A lot of hard work goes into running an S.A. organization, and presidents of all tier three organizations will likely complete some work over the summer months, but they will not all be paid for their efforts.

Let it be known, we at The Oswegonian are not trying to imply that these individuals are not earning their pay or not working diligently to make strides in their area of work. We are simply saying that if students are going to be paid for summer work, there should be regulations and rules surrounding what they actually accomplish.

In a time when smart fiscal spending is a priority, summer salaries are a luxury that should not be the burden of the entire student body.

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